Zelensky Is a Puppet of the Globalists Oligarchs

Zelensky Is a Puppet of the Globalists Oligarchs

Zelensky Is a Puppet of the Globalists Oligarchs

By Staff Reporter

Zelensky is a puppet of the Globalists Oligarchs

Well, well, well, what do we have here…

Please allow me to direct your attention to Ukrainian/Israeli/Cypriot billionaire/oligarch/media mogul (1+1 Media Group) Igor Kolomoysky. He orchestrated Zelensky’s rise to power in Ukraine. He is his handler and puppeteer.

He owns the TV channel and is the creator of the TV program “Servant of the People” where Zelensky played a teacher who eventually became president of Ukraine. The show lasted for three years. Kolomoyski also founded the real political party “Servant of the People” right on time as the TV show ended.

Although most people agree the show was popular, it became obvious the ratings were manipulated and it was nothing but a psyop to install a puppet (former actor/comedian without an ounce of political experience or desire to be one). Think of the Soros-Obama connection.

One last thing. Not only did Kolomoyski secure a $1 billion+ bank account for Zelensky in Costa Rica (Tom Cruise is worth a fraction of that), he also gifted him a $35 mm villa in Sunny Isles, Florida. The latter city north of Miami Beach is known as Little Moscow.

Guess who also bankrolled Hunter Biden in Ukraine? Kolomoyski – a bona fide member of the Khazarian mafia and in 2021 he and his family were banned from the USA. Zelensky and Hunter Biden are kindred spirits.

It seems Kolomoyski got his wealth utilizing raiding parties in Ukraine. He sent for example a couple of hundred people with baseball bats to sequester a Steel Foundry, and just took it. LOL the dude even has a shark in his office he uses to intimidate his business associates like a bond villan. He also laundered Billions in US dollars and reinvesting that in real estate in the USA, getting his money out of Ukraine to hide it.

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