You Were Born Into a Prison… Now Is Humanity’s Moment To Declare Universal Freedom!

You Were Born Into a Prison… Now Is Humanity’s Moment To Declare Universal Freedom!

You Were Born Into a Prison… Now Is Humanity’s Moment To Declare Universal Freedom!

By CNBS News

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Lorraine E
Your first amendment right to Freedom of Speech has been shut down by the biden regime

Can only get a few seconds of the video every five minutes or so. What is going on with your videos?

I have Vivaldi browser and usually I do not have any problems, but today it is having major problems. Got any suggestions?

Rea TurRee
Hello Everyone, it was brought to my attention that those who were vaccinated actually “Shed”, having received the Vaccine. Has anyone else been made aware of this???

It’s working fine for me in Brave with my cell phone

It’s stalling, prolly his servers being hit hard. BitChute plays it fine.

I have brave too. same problem so I downloaded it and it downloaded fast.

Same issue here! Both with the Brave and Dissenter browsers. Currently working okay with Firefox.

Firefox works…none of my other browsers would not

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