Without Cash, There Is Only a System of ‘Government Approved Purchases’

Without Cash, There Is Only a System of ‘Government Approved Purchases’

Without Cash, There Is Only a System of ‘Government Approved Purchases’

By Malcolm Roberts

Without cash, there is only a system of ‘government-approved purchases’. Even if you don’t use cash, having it banned will mean the government can take complete control of you and access your money at any time.


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Tatiana Schild
No doubt backed by our equivalent of the Trusted News Initiative

David Doyle
Oh Malcolm, isn’t one nation supporting the indue card.

Kris P Bacon
There’s no legal requirement for a business to accept cash now even though it is legal tender……you’re miles behind Malcolm.

I barley ever handle cash tap go done BoBs ya uncle cya later bye bye .cash Thinking face you wouldn’t have some anoying coin for me would ya .or hang on I gotta go get some cash from the bank then I’ll be there cash /coins drives me nuts coins more than anything thoe

Your apart of the government playing the roll of against the government but for the government Thinking faceam I missing something Thinking face

Simon Summers
We must ensure that physical cash remains a payment option. Bitcoin is an excellent substitute though.

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