Why Do Communists Offer Ridiculous Favouritism to Minority Groups?

Why Do Communists Offer Ridiculous Favouritism to Minority Groups?

Why Do Communists Offer Ridiculous Favouritism to Minority Groups?

By Business of Truth

Why do Communists offer ridiculous favouritism to minority groups?

Because it upsets the natural order & balance of society. The sane majority become unsettled as they are labelled intolerant & fascist for disagreeing with policies which work against them.

Now the majority become the enemy of the self-proclaimed righteousness of the State – and enemies of the State require tougher measures to control them. Conform or become a target of State penalties & censorship.

If this doesn’t work, prison camps [FEMA] are put into operation for reeducation / extermination. The numerous US FEMA camps are there for a reason.

We should never forget just how bad things would become should this Communist coup continue unchecked.

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Original Source: https://t.me/businessoftruth/16803

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