Where Will You Be When the Nukes Start Falling on America?

Where Will You Be When the Nukes Start Falling on America?

Where Will You Be When the Nukes Start Falling on America?

By Mike Adams

The anti-human globalists knew their depopulation / extermination agenda couldn’t hold out forever. That’s why they were in a mad rush to achieve maximum clot shot injections before the awakening gained traction and people began to question the insanity of the entire scheme.

Last weekend’s rally in Washington D.C. was the turning point on all this. There were similar protests in over 170 countries around the world. The masses are awakening to the plandemic scam — and the vaccine death agenda — and time has run out for the globalists and their spike protein extermination scheme.

Hence, they are now preparing to unleash the next phase of this global war against humanity: World war.

What the demonic globalists have already figured out is that if they kill enough people with nuclear war, nobody will be able to track the vaccine deaths over the next decade. The genocide via needles will be overwhelmed by genocide via radiation (and starvation, disease, etc.).

A lot of the vaccine coercion, after all, was merely designed to kill off as many member of the U.S. military as possible, while gutting America’s health care infrastructure and economic resilience. That phase has now been largely accomplished. So now the push is focused on engineering food scarcity by shutting down trucking and transportation. The ban on non-vaccinated truckers entering the U.S. from Mexico or Canada went into effect two days ago. From here forward, food supplies are going to experience a steady decline, and even oblivious leftists won’t be able to maintain their delusions for very long once the store shelves are half empty.

But as you’ll see here, food scarcity may be the least of America’s problems if the enemies of America (Biden, Obama, etc.) get their way.

Igniting the war machine in Europe

You may recall that had Hillary Clinton won the 2016 election, efforts were in place to have the US deep state nuke an American city using weapons material sourced from Russia via the Uranium One scheme (which was run by not just Hillary, but also Sen. Harry Reid, Sen. John McCain and others). Never forget that the U.S. deep state carried out 9/11, the Oklahoma City bombing, the 1993 World Trade Center bombing (100% run by the FBI) and nearly every other mass death event that has taken place in the last 50 years. The FBI has black ops teams that possess nuclear material and are more than willing to nuke U.S. cities if it means furthering their anti-America agenda.

The FBI is a rogue terrorist organization, of course. Everybody sees it now.

There is an accelerating buildup of US and NATO military hardware and personnel taking place in Ukraine. Last week, the CIA mouthpiece Washington Post declared that Russia would carry out a false flag attack in Ukraine in order to justify its own invasion. This was the final proof we needed to know that America’s deep state forces may be planning on detonating a nuclear warhead in Ukraine, using the same Uranium One-sourced weapons grade material they’ve possessed since well before 2016.

There are actually multiple such nukes in the possession of the US deep state, and you may recall that Trump was threatened with multiple nukes being detonated in US cities if he didn’t back down and allow the 2020 election rigging to go through. The enemies of America were ready to pull the trigger on those nukes in December of 2020, but Trump actively shut down all efforts to correct the stolen election, thereby preventing a nuclear holocaust on US soil.

Unfortunately, as Trump has learned, you should never negotiate with terrorists. Because by failing to correct the rigged 2020 election, those same death cult lunatics (the people running Biden) are now in power, directing the entire US armed forces to carry out even more heinous crimes against humanity, involving potentially tens of millions of Europeans as well as Russians and Americans.

Now, warmongering lunatics like Alexander Vindman — remember him? — are declaring a near-certainty of a “large European war.” Of course he is. Because it’s people like him who are going to start it.

How a US false flag nuke attack in Ukraine ends up starting World War III

Although there are too many variables to know with absolute certainty how this is all going to play out, the signals are pointing in the direction of something as follows:

Step 1: America’s deep state forces detonate a nuke in Ukraine, using Russia-sourced nuclear material to give the radioisotopes a clear fingerprint of Russia origin.

Step 2: The media goes into coordinated mass hysteria, claiming Russia just started World War III. It will be 24/7 news coverage everywhere. When Russia denies responsibility, the western press will declare Putin to be a psychopathic liar more dangerous than Hitler. This will provide the emotional fanaticism to get the gullible US public to support the next steps.

Step 3: Government and media mouthpieces — all run by the same CIA that carried out the bombing of course — call for NATO to strike back at Russia with overwhelming military power. Russia is also cut off from the SWIFT financial system.

… but here’s where it all goes off the rails…

Step 4: NATO / US forces vastly underestimate the military readiness of Russia, the military technology (hypersonic missiles, hypercavitating torpedoes, etc.) and the moral resolve of Putin, who correctly sees the current rogue leadership of the USA as the true enemy against all humankind, not just Russia or Ukraine.

Step 5: NATO and the US launch escalating attacks against Russia in order to provoke a nuclear retaliatory strike on the USA. This is the goal of Obama / Biden and the globalists. Russia has multiple submarines with nuclear missiles parked off both the west and east coasts. They can rain down nuclear devastation on US military targets within minutes.

Step 6: Taking advantage of the situation, China moves on Taiwan, immediately thrusting America into a two-front war for which it is not prepared.

Step 7: Having accomplished the final wrecking of America, Obiden declares martial law and unleashes death squads to mass murder all conservatives, Christians, gun owners and Trump supporters, all under the emergency of world war, using the language of “covid internment camps.” (You didn’t think they activated all those concentration camps just for covid, did you?)

Step 8: America is invaded by a combination of Chinese and Russian land forces that were merely waiting for a sufficient die-off in order to launch their attack.

Remember, the goal of Obiden is the complete destruction of America and the installation of communism everywhere. Never forget that over half the US congress works for the CCP. We are being run by the communist Chinese right now, and they are vectoring us into a suicide pact with Russia, where Russia has no choice but to start dropping nukes on US military targets.

Ultimately, China doesn’t want all the food farmland across North America to be radioactive, because they need to be able to grow food and feed their (starving) masses. That’s why China would prefer that Russia nukes Hawaii, where the radiation cloud is far from mainland America. There are significant military and deep state assets on the Hawaiian islands, by the way, making them a juicy military target for multiple strategic reasons.

The US military will be nullified in a few short weeks

Under the leadership of libtard woke freaks and gay parade generals, the US military is but a shadow of its once great strength. In contrast, Russia trains men to be men, and their soldiers are among the most vigorously trained and prepared in the world.

Similarly, China has banned soy boy fairy feminization across its culture, and its own soldiers are also highly trained, capable and deeply obedient.

America’s military forces, sadly, have been deliberately shaped into weakness by the woketard generals, to the point where obesity is a common problem among the ranks of the active duty. The US military is far more interested in announcing an all-gay helicopter squad than in doing anything meaningful to protect America’s strategic interests.

As a result, the battle to take out the US military won’t take long at all.

Don’t forget to factor in China’s exotic drone weapon systems and Russia’s nuclear-powered hypersonic missile superweapons. In addition, Russia has extremely advanced electronic warfare capabilities that can instantly nullify all the flight controls of America’s most “advanced” fighter aircraft such as the F-35. (There’s a reason they keep falling out of the sky…)

Where the military fails, We the People will need to rise to the defense of America

All this means the defense of America comes down to the people defending their nation from foreign invaders. Once China launches its invasion of North America, the unprepared, pathetic, sedentary masses of pharmacy-addicted TV watchers will last about five minutes. The real defense of America will come down to the brave men and women who were smart enough to reject the vaccines and wise enough to stockpile guns and ammo.

The communist Chinese are going to have a very hard time taking North America. But they’ve got a couple hundred million soldiers, if needed, to throw at the problem. This means the American people are going to have to get very good at killing PLA soldiers on US soil, if we hope to survive this at all.

The one x-factor in all this is America’s “space force” space weapons systems which, I’m told, were developed from exotic technology that’s a quantum leap ahead of anything you and I have ever seen. Orbiting weapons platforms might be game changers, and if there are still any patriotic Americans remaining in Space Force or the Air Force, we may yet see these weapons unleashed against the CCP to devastating effect (possibly targeting the Three Gorges Dam).

Where do you want to be during all this? As far away as possible from any military base or large city.

You want to be off grid, resilient and fully stocked. Once this begins, there’s no going back to the relative normalcy of today. This entire situation can go from “calm” to “world war” literally overnight. With one explosion.

If past experience is any lesson, NATO and US forces will probably require another 1-3 months to build up their military forces in Ukraine before they pull the trigger on all this. So use the time wisely, and pray that Biden gets removed from power before this insanity is unleashed on our world.

Original Source: https://www.naturalnews.com/2022-01-24-where-will-you-be-when-the-nukes-start-falling-on-america.html

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