We’ve Come To Find Out That What He’s Saying It True, and Much Much Darker

We’ve Come To Find Out That What He’s Saying It True, and Much Much Darker

By London Times

Sky News host Rita Panahi says US President Joe Biden’s performance at the CNN town hall in Ohio was “just incoherent, rambling, disjointed malarkey”.

Here’s what others had to say:

Jackie Smith
This was so bad.!! He shouldn’t be a leader of anything, let alone a country…

Ranaith A Simon
I don’t like the guy and what he stands for but it’s sad to see someone losing their mind and those around him have put him on display.

Kevin Laws
Love the CNN host just blindly nodding along with the total incoherent rambling 😂

Liliana Cea
I still cannot believe US has elected such an old man to direct their country. He cannot coordinate his words to make sense.

Ronald Ivan
Other countries see it for what it is, but our media protect him.

Michael Stetzer
This is why our country is failing, no one, not one mainstream media journalist or anyone in congress is saying anything about his cognitive issues that are so clear. We deserve what is coming🙈🙈👎. Pray for our country 🇺🇸

Jane Green
Surely there must be someone, somewhere who can make this man do a cognitive test. It’s very concerning. No one likes to see someone making a fool of themselves on the media. The President should be respected, but it’s really hard when you hear him mumbling , his thoughts obviously disjointed. So very sad.

Michelle Renée Ficklen
Rita, you’re awesome. That was a great piece. I am so embarrassed by my President. I wonder how people 20 years from now will look back on his presidency. Will all these videos of his obvious decline be scrubbed by then? How about the videos where he tells people facebook is killing people with misinformation then turns around and says vaccinated people are fully protected from getting Covid-19? I feel like this is all a really bad dream.

Tony Doherty
Sad 😢 and scary at the same time 😦 the guy seriously needs some help

Karen Darcy
I thought right from the start he wasn’t alert or coherent enough to be in this position . Abit scary really .🤔

Kilner Brasier
Yea Rita I agree He is in terminal cognitive decline and an embarrassment to not only the American processes for choosing a President but evidence that something went seriously wrong with the election process as well.

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