WEF Boasts of ‘Promoting Democracy’ While Unelected Elite Plot Plans for Society’s Future Behind Barricade

WEF Boasts of ‘Promoting Democracy’ While Unelected Elite Plot Plans for Society’s Future Behind Barricade

WEF Boasts of ‘Promoting Democracy’ While Unelected Elite Plot Plans for Society’s Future Behind Barricade

By Rebel News

Rebel News’s reporters are on the scene in Davos, Switzerland exposing the hypocrisy of the global elite at their annual gathering during the World Economic Forum.

Reporting for Rebel News from the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Sophie Corcoran described the hypocritical nature of the event and its attendees. As regular folks carry on with their day-to-day responsibilities this week, the global elite have landed in the ritzy ski town to mingle with their fellow rich and famous peers. The ‘elite’ also take the time to scheme about how they believe the future should take shape.

Part of the gathering is supposedly intended to promote democracy and democratic principles around the globe, however, much of the event is off-limits to the public, and the vast majority of the attendees are business titans and wealthy elite, not elected officials.

Original Source: https://www.rebelnews.com/wef_boasts_of_promoting_democracy_while_unelected_elite_plot_behind_closed_doors

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