We Will Not Back Down, We Will Never Surrender – With Riccardo Bosi

We Will Not Back Down, We Will Never Surrender – With Riccardo Bosi

We Will Not Back Down, We Will Never Surrender – With Riccardo Bosi

By AJ Roberts

We are joined on the AJ Roberts Show with the leader of the Australian One Party and former Australian Army and SAS Riccardo Bosi.

Riccardo has been prolific in leading the fight back against the dystopian and tyrannical measures being implemented by Australian federal and state governments.

As a former military man, you can see the drive and mission focus on the magnitude of what’s at stake here, and Riccardo’s leadership style is rallying the troops to help take Australia back from these tyrants.

Here’s what others had to say:

caroline hug UK
Wow! Brilliant! Riccardo Bosi every country needs an inspirational leader such as yourself – outstanding! AJ, my respect for you knows no bounds – you are now my favourite channel – thank you

Joyce Guest
Respect to Both these guys. Strength of Character & Determination. God Bless Them Both.


Rosie Wilkinson
Just a point on Hollywood affecting people’s beliefs, I’ve felt for a while gen z and millennials grew up watching Disney movies and it’s translated into where they sit on the political spectrum.

Disney films virtue signal about so many left wing topics, and people truly believe that the left are the heroes and the right are the villains. But they stick to this believe while not noticing how authoritarian and segregating the left has become.

I am very politically central and extremely frustrated how there’s no political spectrum anymore. You can’t be left with different types of views to other left wing people, you must appease to their exact views or be deemed far right.

Love Bosi! His voice sounds funny. Not sure if its just the video or he’s unwell?
(Television. Tell-a-vision)

Joyce Guest
That Question re Queenie, YES, She is gone, Before Philip, and that wasn’t soon enough.

Against the death penalty.. Did you expect anything less? Make an example.. Not that example.. Cage em, shame em, make sure everyone knows..

Original Source: https://youtu.be/IUe9qxMieRE

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