US Troops Are Already In Ukraine, Top Secret Document Leak Reveals

US Troops Are Already In Ukraine, Top Secret Document Leak Reveals

US Troops Are Already In Ukraine, Top Secret Document Leak Reveals


US special forces are secretly operating in Ukraine, leaked Pentagon documents have revealed.

Top secret US military documents leaked from the Pentagon show that US troops are already on the ground in Ukraine, along with troops from multiple other NATO nations, including the UK and France.

The leaked Pentagon document exposing American deployments to Ukraine is dated March 23rd, 2023, and shows that the United States has a total of 14 special forces troops operating in the eastern European nation, which is neither a member of NATO nor an official US ally.

The US troops operating in Ukraine are part of a wider contingent of NATO operators, with 50 from the United Kingdom and 15 from France having their presence revealed in the leaked Pentagon documents as well. Also on the ground are 17 special troops from the NATO nation of Latvia and 1 from the Netherlands.

American troops in Ukraine.

The leaked Pentagon document reveals that American and allied troops are operating in Ukraine.

The revelation that the US and its allies have deployed special forces on the ground in Ukraine confirms the assertions of opposing combat troops, who have claimed off and on since around 2014, when the first phase of the ongoing war in Ukraine kicked off, that Americans and other Westerners were indeed involved in the conflict in an official military capacity.

It also validates the claim of American John McIntyre, a former US Army soldier who volunteered to fight on behalf of Ukraine, before becoming disillusioned with Ukraine’s “Nazi” cause and defecting to Russia. McIntyre told an RT interviewer after his defection that American operators were already working on the ground in Ukraine and communicating regularly with their CIA and DoD handlers.

The same leaked Pentagon documents that revealed America and her allies have ground troops in Ukraine also revealed that the Ukrainian war effort is on the verge of collapse and that the Ukrainian Air Force is almost completely depleted of its weaponry.

This could bring about serious repercussions for the United States, as in addition to special forces operators on the ground in Ukraine, thousands of American troops have been stationed at the Romanian border with Ukraine, awaiting the order to join the war. As Ukraine’s situation continues to deteriorate and Western elites become more and more desperate to prop up the Zelensky government, concern grows each day that the order will come and that American troops will march directly into World War 3, a conflict that could go nuclear and end the world as we know it.

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