Ukrainian Women Have Created an Intimate Telegram Channel to “Support the Morale” of the AFU Soldiers

Ukrainian Women Have Created an Intimate Telegram Channel to “Support the Morale” of the AFU Soldiers

Ukrainian Women Have Created an Intimate Telegram Channel to “Support the Morale” of the AFU Soldiers

By Sputnik

Ukrainian women have created an intimate telegram channel to “support the morale” of the AFU soldiers.

Its administrator was the Kiev psychologist Anna Romanenko, writes the Daily Star.

“My friend was joking: “Why don’t the girls support the soldiers by sending their nude photos, it will really inspire us,” she told the publication.

Guided by this idea, Anna created an erotic channel where hundreds of Ukrainians send their photos daily.

Among themselves, they call the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine “kittens” and strive to “return the sexuality” of the Ukrainian nation.

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