Ukraine: Military Summary and Analysis 18.08.2022

Ukraine: Military Summary and Analysis 18.08.2022

Ukraine: Military Summary and Analysis 18.08.2022

By Military Summary

This video describes the military situation in Ukraine on the 18th of August.



Here’s what others had to say:

Well…. let’s see, UkeNazi’s still attacking the nuclear power plant….. killing civilians trying to evacuate to Russian held territory, killing women…(now there’s some real Nazi sport!). The most vile, heinous video I’ve ever seen (cannot remember where I got the link), was four Ukrainian women, brought to jackboot heel, by UkroNazi’s because they could not pronounce “the word” that Ukrainian speakers can, but Russian speakers cannot (it’s a test). These women were tortured….. I still am incredulous that YouTube carried the video. I do remember having to sign in to view it. I’ll never forget what they did to the woman in the last segment of that video. It lit a fire in me that only the blood of UkroNazi’s could quench, and it would take a lot of them to assuage my wrath. All I can say, is “Go Russia, root out this abominable terror, and may God bless the innocent!”. BTW, that video left absolutely no doubt, that after said torture, they were “dispatched”.

The thing that strikes me the most is how we allow our politicians to get away with having history repeat itself. The greatest threat to a “free” world from the mid 1900’s was Nazi Germany; Americans supported their industry then and we see again now (along with the Western governments under their yoke). Europe has made the most terrible choice in allowing itself to support US driven hegemony. Its citizens will pay a terrible price so the US can grab a few more years of being the NATO leader; especially now that EU has allowed the destruction of its thriving economies; its corrupt leaders can now point to Russia as the cause but no one believes them any more. I only hope the Europeans can oust these pigs before they suffer too much.

The horrendous sins of the Right Sector killing the fleeing refugee women back in March 2022 MUST be punished. As does the US, UK and EU training and funding the Right Sector. The only sad thing is the people of US, UK and EU won’t understand why they are being punished because the media refuses to publish the facts. Even Ottawa deserves a slap down. I hear they still fly sky blue over yellow wheat Ukrainian flags in their balconies and cars.

The russians are going to shot down those 300 km HIMARS rockets with the same easy they had shoting down Tochka U.

Kissinger and the neo-old-schooled populist of the time took over American foreign policy and used neo-liberalism to create acceptance of these destructive paths for corporate greed. The extreme weakness of the party system in politics is what underpins the success of these efforts; by allowing finance of political parties from individuals and corporations; even the most grass-rooted organization will become infested. Restriction of voting rights, militarization of police and media control all contribute to the total dominance of moneyed corporate control of the American population; the love and proliferation of guns won’t change that. It will just create what the economic concern holders want; civil war, world war. One or both, they do not can for it leads to the same result.
The elimination of their debts under the USD while maintaining their hold on the wealth of the world. It’s really quite a simple process. Ruthlessly as always it will succeed unless nations like those whom have created BRICS can avoid the trap of world war long enough for the people in Europe to rise and take control of their governmental system again. The USA cannot achieve world war if Europe refuses to have it fought on European soil; the USA will lose control if war comes to American soils, why do you think they are always starting war elsewhere; the horrors of war enacted for the American audience have long been forbidden.
Russian victory in Ukraine and a strong Europe equals the end of the American USD welfare system and leaves only 30 Trillion in debt; ho do 350 million people repay the 9 billion people they owe that money to?

The fact that NATO is shelling Crimea is such a HUGE international war crimes under the pretense that its not legal. Such BS. It is legal no matter how you slice it.
These people are truly beasts, they have no sence of morality or respect for anyone.

Lastly America does not manufacture any of real value to human growth, just weapons of mass destruction and a Foreign Policy to boot. If a nation is no longer a useful partner then why would nations continue to ignore “much better options”?
Like grab a brain please America, or it is bye-bye. Off to the new 3rd world of status for you, eh?

The 3rd mistake by the Americans was to continue an aggressive foreign policy direction that has sought not to develop friendly relations with the behemoth rise of the world’s nations. The idea that American military power can suppress the world’s development is teratogenic to any hopes of the USA. American Industry and the corporation it controls have lost the capitalist battle; the rising world has used the American corporate systems to take dominance over the American dollar’s control.
Russia has developed its capability for supply of resources to China and India so that it’s more profitable for these nations to deal with them rather than expensive American sourced resources. America is becoming more dependent upon China and India than those nations are USA.
Next 5 years alone will see 70% of the world markets fully exclude trade with the Western world; why? Because it is more profitable and moreover, fairer to their desire to lift their population’s from the extremes of poverty. Capitalism will enter a new era of transformation under the creation of Conservative-Socialistic-Populous demanded national governments. That is if WW3 can be avoided for the next 5 years.

Many think the US’s corporate development in China was the 3rd mistake; I disagree. The mistake here was two-fold. It was the not the technology transfer and sharing of IP rights that took place but the fact that the USA allowed it Industrial base to be transferred!
IP development and Engineering research (R&D) was transfer first, then actual transfer of manufacturing (eye on profit) was allowed to happen which then allowed the Chinese to develop the behemoth combination of natural resource dominance and human resources via education and poverty elimination. The Chinese government did not choose an immediate path of “military” progression, it first choose to create an educated population that understood the competitive nature of Capitalism in the “new world order” and had the foresight to understand that it is people whom create this advantage. Money follows people, poor or not.

2nd mistake; Driven by Corporate greed, what occurred in the 20 years after Nixon took the USD of the “gold standard” and created a totally “fiat” currency; a better decision to (also to point out a lack of real foresight here) would have be to create a more easily control based system that included key aspects of US dominance; read here commodity and stock markets and its creation of the petrol-dollar. All of which would have allowed the US to keep effective hegemony in the Americas and provided insurance against any resource or human population based explosive effects on that control.
Political leadership having failed to dismantle the Military Industrial Complex created during the war(s) (cite lingering effects of WW1 here). This failure when combined with the transfer of “state power” to Corporations that occurred during the aftermath of WW2 via institutions created (which became the IMF,WTO,World Bank, etc.) Those errors manifested into the creation of the Washington-Wall Street corridor; which cement corporate control over the American political system and the subordination of the US Supreme Court.

If one can standback and look at the situation without prejudices, it appears that there is evidence that the Russian ability to progress is halted. Maybe not for long, but it is a fact for now. A village here, a village there is not sufficient.

Simply because I have minor disagreements with members of this community, I will not ever my voice to be added to the horrors of Nazi Idolization. To create a new world old world ideals must change; to that end I am here.

No good news today, it looks like the initiative has passed to Ukraine. Russia needs to do something other than firing a lot of artillery shells if it wants to regain its momentum.

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