Twitter Bans Freedom Convoy Account, Ottawa Police Seize Truckers’ Diesel Fuel

Twitter Bans Freedom Convoy Account, Ottawa Police Seize Truckers’ Diesel Fuel

Twitter Bans Freedom Convoy Account, Ottawa Police Seize Truckers’ Diesel Fuel

By Jeremy Loffredo

As police escalate pressure on the Freedom Convoy of truckers protesting Canada’s COVID vaccine mandates and Twitter bans the group’s account, public support for the protesters continues to grow.

Ezra Levant, journalist and founder of Canada’s Rebel News, on Monday told Tucker Carlson Canadian police forces are hoping to “starve or freeze the truckers out.”

“I don’t think it’s going to work though,” Levant said.

Levant questioned the legality of police confiscating diesel fuel from protesters:

“Taking away the diesel fuel is a low blow [because] it’s very cold in Ottawa and most of these truckers are living in the little cab in their truck so they need diesel fuel for heat. So by taking away their diesel fuel [Trudeau] is really freezing them out … I don’t know what legal justifications they have. The fuel is not illegal. Selling it, owning it, having it, is not illegal.”

The protest against COVID vaccine mandates is gaining popular support, according to Levant, who said:

“There was an opinion poll that showed 32% of Canadians see themselves reflected in the truckers. And in our multiparty system that would make them the leading party of Canada if the truckers formed a political movement.”

The truckers may have the support of the Canadian people but they’re facing strong resistance from Canadian police who’ve facilitated armed raids against the protestors, stolen their supplies and even arrested organizers.

Meanwhile, Twitter permanently suspended the Freedom Convoy account. A spokesperson for Twitter told Newsweek: “The account you referenced has been permanently suspended for violating the Twitter Rules on ban evasion.”

Last week, GoFundMe seized millions of the trucker’s funds, but protestors are receiving support across the border in Alaska, where Alaskan truckers formed their own anti-mandate convoy.

Here’s the latest:

  • Ottawa Police tweeted: “Anyone attempting to bring material support (gas, etc.) to the demonstrators could be subject to arrest. Enforcement is underway.”
  • Protesters blocked the busiest international crossing in North America as Freedom Convoy drivers hindered travel Monday at the Ambassador Bridge that links Windsor, Ontario and Detroit. Canadian-bound traffic was still shut down this morning, while U.S.-bound traffic was flowing with limited bridge access.
  • Canada’s Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedom warned Ottawa police would be breaking the law if they attempted to intimidate people who bring food or other supplies to truckers who are peacefully exercising their Charter rights and freedoms in Ottawa.
  • Draped in full paramilitary gear, Ottawa police made their “strongest show of enforcement yet” when they raided a parking lot serving as a staging area for anti-mandate protestors. The police confiscated at least a tanker of fuel and arrested two protesters. “Any other place that they’ve displaced to, we are attacking that as quickly as possible to make sure they don’t take root again.” said Ottawa Police Chief, Peter Sloly.
  • According to Ottawa City News, Canada’s law enforcement agencies are launching “enhanced intelligence operations” against the protestors, collecting financial and digital information “that will be used in criminal prosecutions.”
  • Farmers, in solidarity with the trucker protest, successfully moved their tractors and heavy farming equipment to the border crossing between Alberta and Montana, helping truckers “completely obstruct” border crossings.
  • Towing experts told Canada’s CBC that it will be “difficult or impossible” to tow away or remove the hundreds of big rigs that protestors hauled into Ottawa’s downtown area.
  • Armed police raided the home of political activist Pastor Artur Pawlowski and arrested him. Undercover police took him into custody the morning he was scheduled to speak to the anti-mandate truckers.
  • GoFundMe has successfully seized $9M in fundraising money which was meant to support the truckers. Critics have called the move “pure theft.”


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