Tucker: We Were Attacked for Asking Questions About This

Tucker: We Were Attacked for Asking Questions About This

Tucker: We Were Attacked for Asking Questions About This

By Fox News

The Grayzone’s Aaron Mate joins ‘Tucker Carlson to discuss the explosions of the Nord Stream pipelines. The Biden administration has denied US involvement in the face of new reporting by Seymour Hersh.

Here’s what others had to say:

Jim Banda
Doubled the cost of living in Europe, at best.

As a Brit, i say the lack of outrage in Europe was disgusting.

Synchronicity Matrix
Needing to protect the Ukrainian money laundering operation for corrupt Democrat politicians receiving laundered campaign funds and bribes is more important than lost lives and depleting the US financial and military reserves. An honest accountability would have the lot of them imprisoned.

As Americans we should be ashamed to have acted in this manner and put so many in Europe in harsh times.

It’s good to see people like Aaron and Glenn Greenwald getting airtime on this show let alone the mainstream media. They both do excellent work and they’ve been warning about this situation for a long time now. I hope to see them on this show more often and especially right now with what’s going on. There has to be accountability for what’s been done . The empire is dying and these fools in DC are speeding up the demise of this country instead of trying to improve the lives of their citizens let alone repair our reputation on the world stage . The deep state must be removed from our government ASAP – period.

Tim the Enchanter
“Journalists” don’t ask questions anymore, Tucker. They read press releases.

Dave Coffee Guy
I commented on this months ago. I was in the Navy for 20 years and I explained how the U.S. military specifically destroyed the pipeline, how the demolition was delivered and what ships were involved. You don’t have to be some “specialist” to know about this war technology.

Nicholaus Ferguson
Could you imagine if a republican president said something like that then it happens? The news would go nuts not hide it.

Taylor Alexis
The amount of crooked corrupt people everywhere nowadays is absolutely mind blowing…

Tim Brady
Fox should have a reporter go to the streets of Germany, England etc.. to get the citizens views on this story about the actions taken by Biden.

Amir Habibi
Kudos for reporting on the truth. You are at the top of your game right now Mr. Carlson. Keep it coming.

John Bolt
Imagine a world with term limits for politicians and senior bureaucrats without the WEF, WHO, UN and NATO!

Brian Hubbard
Why would Russia blow up the pipeline when all they need to do is turn it off?

Donovan Oneil
The people of Europe must hold their politicians accountable before wider war breaks out.

Tony Jones
It’s always surprised me that it so often takes months or years to report what so many of us that pay attention thought when the event happened. I know a very few reporters mentioned that the US may have been involved but the vast majority ignored it or reported propaganda.


Original Source: https://youtu.be/DOqcwRTuf1Q

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