Tucker: Trudeau Has Declared Canada a Dictatorship

Tucker: Trudeau Has Declared Canada a Dictatorship

Tucker: Trudeau Has Declared Canada a Dictatorship

By Fox News

Here’s what others had to say:

People need to seriously think about the people they vote in office.
Not just in Canada but also in the USA.
Politicians are literally insane these days.

During the beginning, they heralded the truckers, nurses, grocery workers as essential heroes. While everyone was staying at home making sourdough and playing with puzzles, these working class folks were out there risking their lives the whole time without being jabbed. Now they call them terrorists. It’s disgusting. ♥️🇨🇦

Seasoning the Obese
Not just Trudeau, every single PM that hasn’t lifted a finger to defend Canada. The entire government is complicit in treason.

David Dixon
We’ve been worrying about a civil war in the US. Looks like it may happen in Canada. Who would have thought it. Just goes to show again that socialism always ends in tyranny. 🙂

Hunter Hollingsworth
I’m not a Canadian, but my blood is boiling for you guys. I hope the people of Canada are able to get Trudeau out of office! Keep fighting the good fight!

Mya W
Canada is known for being a free country, what does this doofus think he’s doing?!

Timothy Carson
Don’t worry guys. I’m in Canada. We are holding the line. We love you, and feel your love.

Brady Velvet
So we go from “fringe minority” to National Emergency.
How long before Trudeau declares himself Supreme Leader for Life – for the “safety” of the Canadian people?

Imagine all the police officers and military stood down for this one. That would show the world what peaceful unity can do.

Original Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nZzJPXojtWs

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