Trust the Science’

Trust the Science’

Trust the Science’

By Young Americans for Liberty


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Nuno Barroso

Justin Shandor
Contradicting himself….. He’ll say anything they pay him to say

Tommy Gunn
It’s like there’s two Dr Fauci’s that appear at different times and never got their stories straight.

Mateusz Wazowski
This guy is still employed, huh?

Patti Jameson
This man sure loves to hear himself talk. His lips work, but not sure his brain can keep up. Such a deceitful man.

Jake Gibbons
Would not trust this man to babysit my kids. I think there is sinister intent within this man

Ron Simpson
This man has single handedly set the good name of science back a hundred years.

Randy Rivera
This is exactly why people do NOT trust this man anymore, and rightfully so.

Julie Anne
Wow! He just lies and lies lies lies lies to infinity! Why would anyone want to follow his recommendations!

Sandra Brown
Fauci and his global elites are the Antichrist they’re are the embodiment of a malevolent ministry of darkness….and I’m not even religious ! But I read a lot and these families have a common denominator

Jay Fredrickson
Don’t you wish this man could say the same thing twice. No credibility anymore.

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