This Is Why the Fed Insists on Printing More Money, Despite Inflation

This Is Why the Fed Insists on Printing More Money, Despite Inflation

This Is Why the Fed Insists on Printing More Money, Despite Inflation

By Glenn Beck

Something is REALLY wrong with our banking system. Two years ago, I covered how the Federal Reserve was purchasing an unprecedented amount of U.S. Treasury bonds, and its money-printing hasn’t slowed down, despite insane inflation. Now, we know that the Fed is giving the banks (AKA the Fed) $1.6 TRILLION every WEEK. From this point forward, the Fed may look like it’s trying to fight inflation. But I don’t believe that’s their real goal. They NEED to keep money pouring into the financial system because that’s how modern monetary theory works. And that’s what fuels the Great Reset.

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Benedikt Brülisauer
Go truckers go freedom is the season now go truckers go

Juliet Allison Mullis
Why are they not held accountable??😡😡

Helen Holder
Nothing can stop what’s coming!

Mary Winter Snow
What will happen if none of us send in our income tax

Ronald Maiers

Judy Lueders
So sad the path we are on right now….frightening!!

Donna Blauvelt
We the people can stop this by not paying our taxes!!

Kathy Bowker
China Is In Full Blown Control Of Our Country!!

Judy Lueders
Thank you Beck for keep us informed…and helping us understand what’s going on!

Daniel Michael Tasker
Yeah it’s the federal only by name. Reserve

Michael Mancini
We need a class action lawsuit

Joshwa Reeves
Inflation is a stimulus for the wealthy. It always has been. As are any housing loan banking industry bubbles. They are created to make the rich wealthier.

Spencer Obrien
This is the ‘repo’ market that he’s describing. This is short term lending between the fed and banks because they don’t have either enough assets on their balance sheets or enough cash and this is there way of balancing these numbers.

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