This is HORRIBLE and Putin Says “No More” | Redacted with Natali and Clayton Morris

This is HORRIBLE and Putin Says “No More” | Redacted with Natali and Clayton Morris

This is HORRIBLE and Putin Says “No More” | Redacted with Natali and Clayton Morris

By Redacted

Is Ukraine using chemical weapons on Russian forces, which would be a violation of international laws? If so, why the silence from the mainstream media and Western governments? We speak to Scott Ritter, the person who warned that there were NOT weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, about whether or not there ARE now.

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Nancy Allen
ALL aid to Ukraine should end immediately and they must be investigated now. This is horrible and must not be tolerated!!

Jennifer Marlow
I’m glad we have you, Scott. After 9/11 you exposed the lies, and we will NEVER forget. Thank you for continuing to inform. SILENCE IS CONSENT

Kate Hobbs
Not a day passes that I don’t realize the wickedness of this government. They testify to this themselves.

As a European I’m disgusted. I traveled the us with my wife ten years ago and met nothing than nice people. I can’t see them as an enemy, but I surely see the us government as an enemy of the commoners around the world.

NoBaloney Mahoney
Zelensky The War Criminal Welcomed at White House made me nauseated.

As a wife of a veteran of the Gulf war, I am so angry. I have fought by his side, effects of the chemical that he was exposed to. 30 years later and two boys that have lived this horror of what they did to our troops. The mental anguish is horrendous. I will never forgive them.

Mr Hedgepig
I find it sickening that our UK government goes along with this 😡Thanks to folk like you we get to know the truth .

TerryN N
This is so disturbing to hear of these horrible war crimes against the Russian soldiers. If I put myself in Putins shoes I can’t imagine just accepting this without major retaliation! I’m assuming this is what our government wants. You can poke the bear just so much before it attacks. I pray this evilness will end.

Carmel Sileo
Scott is always wonderful, but I was especially moved today by his commitment and loyalty to his fellow service members, and the utter betrayal that he felt when he realized that Colin Powell was ready to sacrifice thousands of those same military men and women in the service of a total, baldface, lie, all for his own political ambition. You could sense his outrage even all these years later. Heartbreaking.

Rondeau Emig
Congress and senate need to demand an investigation into this. Until this is done immediately stop all funding, supplies, and recall everything. PERIOD!!!!!

I work with a couple of Ukrainian refugees who have said Zelensky is the bad guy,not Putin. Both are military age,but refused to fight on a corrupt side of war. I’ll admit that at first I wasn’t sure if they were cowards,but now I see that they have common sense.

S Bentley
I have watched a lot of Scott’s videos on YouTube and, I agree with all of his summaries. I live in the U.K. and have written to my Prime Minister asking him a number of questions in relation to Ukraine. I eagerly await his response, however I don’t expect anything substantive. Who knows maybe I might be surprised. It sickened me to watch him with Zelensky the war criminal. Why doesn’t the rest of the world see him for what he is.

Jamie Knox
This is unforgivable. Ukraine needs to be left by itself to protect itself.
People need to open there eyes to see how bad Ukraine is.

Karendal Sadik
Great interview. Wish we had more men and woman like this man defending the people.

Jackie Booth
I am Canadian and would love to open all eyes to all the evil in the world Just would like to ask how does one or a group hold those involved in crimes against their country accountable ? Our priminister has been involved in many but never held accountable.

O. M.G
Silence is consent! This is exactly what it is. Horrific the entire western world is quiet. All western leaders should be held accountable!


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