The Vaxxine Holocaust Is America’s Chernobyl

The Vaxxine Holocaust Is America’s Chernobyl

The Vaxxine Holocaust Is America’s Chernobyl

By Health Ranger Report

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Over 10000 people have filed Criminal Charges against Trudeau for this hate speech💕

Ramiro Bahamon oahumike
I supposed to be dead by now because I’m fully vaccinated. My uncle was not vaccinated and he died of COVID. Can someone explain?

Steve Stojanovich
Quebec is absolutely insane! That is outrageous, exploiting children for the cull.

It is a dangerous thing to teach the doctrines of man as if they are the commandments of God (Matthew 15:9).

Dr. Michael J Terry
Biden makes W Bush look like a genius.

Anyone else noticed that Mike’s recent podcasts have become more new-age than Christian?

Luke Stanley Zinsky Jr.
I see no laws broken here..Mike is alright..

maybe you should check out The Law of One, which is the real “new age”, which also validates Jesus Christ.

A real Christian doesn’t need to keep reminding people that they are a Christian. It’s the fake Christians who do that.

I’m skipping this one. Nothing new to hear here. One cannot successfully straddle the fence or fool the people all of the time. The tree bears the type of fruit that it is…and that is sad for him if he doesn’t soon do John 3:3 and become born again, he will never see it without spiritual eyes open.

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