The Ukrainians have Suffered Horrific Casualties

The Ukrainians have Suffered Horrific Casualties

The Ukrainians have Suffered Horrific Casualties

By Scott Ritter News

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Burnt Offerings
IMO The 700,000 troops is an exaggerated maximum figure. It is probably derived from some paperwork that calculates all the troops mobilized as opposed to those that actually showed up and got trained. Ukraine even prior to 2014 had used the military as a large scale employment project akin to workfare for benefits. The number of keen serious well trained among this large army was much smaller. The corruption in this peace time military was very bad and has gotten worse with the tidal wave of money and weapons pouring in. Thus I suspect the real number of combat troops available was more like 450,000 . Further Ukraine has now probably lost 80-100,000 killed with perhaps more still injured or maimed so bad they can’t continue the fight. These are horrible losses of life. Time to end this and spare what is left of the Ukraine and its’ people. To die as a pawn for NATO and zionism is not an honourable way to die.

James Kelman
There are Ebbs and Tides , this is war . As long as Russia has air supremacy the concentration of Ukrainian troops means more casualties in an assault response . The Russians will use their artillery and continue to Ground and Pound the Ukrainian troops down . The Ukrainians should have left the Donbass in peace but unfortunately now they will be leaving in pieces ! ZOV ZOV ZOV

I wonder why Ukrainians are still wading into this war, which the longer it lasts, the greater the losses this country suffers? I have one answer to this question. The $ 5 billion that the US invested in the coup in Kiev in 2014 and the installation of its people there, must be worked off by the Ukrainians and they are now working on them. They also invested in Poland at the end of the 1970s and in the 1980s, and after 1989 they still profit from it. Poland exists only theoretically and has ceased to be sovereign.

Aquarium Dude
Ukraine’s last ditch “Battle of the Bulge.” The result will be the same too.

Aleksandar Lazic
Every respect for honest man and true American!!! Im from Serbia,small country in Europe that have been Allies wirh America when America was thorch of freedom and democracy.

Iris Enamorado
You are vindicated. You were right all along with NATO on changes the dynamic of the Russian SMO in U Ukraine.

Kevin Strade
I tell ya….these limited gains by Ukraine have given the mainstream media a biiiiig hard on!!- even Fox and Snews max are Gloablist script readers. Sad because they are good channels for domestic politics but at the end of the day are bought like the rest. This is why I mostly rely on podcasts and rumble channels etc. To at least get another side of the story.

Uwe Könnigsstaddt
NATO/CIA/WEF/, etc’s counter offensive.

fixed game
You can only reconstitute so many times until the bottom of barrel presents itself General Awesomo 1943.

Damon Urbani
Russia will recapture all territories and more. This war is existential for Russia whatever it takes, they cannot loose…..

But even temporary success of Ukraine may be very important to show that nazis aren’t invincible.

Scott Shadrick
This guy just isn’t catching on! The entire world is backing Ukraine against Russia. Without a general mobilization Russian forces in Ukraine will never out number the Ukrainians who are being refitted and retrained with NATO weapons. Russia’s chance to win this war was over after the first week. How Scott Ritter doesn’t get that is amazing. Russia at this stage of the conflict has no advantage, while Ukraines situation continues to grow stronger.


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