The Only Proof Anyone Should Need

The Only Proof Anyone Should Need

The Only Proof Anyone Should Need

By Awake Canada

16 months ago, I ripped this video that kept on getting taken down on Facebook. I didn’t believe it then, but now it is impossible to ignore. Everything he said, happened. Conspiracy theories are only theories until they are proven correct. This has been proven correct on everything he said.

Here’s what others had to say:

I truly believe that had Donald Trump not won in 2016, we’d be where we are now, years ago.

Unfortunately you are screaming to people who are known what is going on and agree with you. It is time to stand together and vote. Please find time and watch how we have to organize more of us. I am so I am aware that this situition is worse then it was in communist Poland.

I am not screaming to anyone and these videos are to share. Believe me, our videos on our site are gaining major traction. We are the higjest traffic freedom fighter website in Canada and are just warming up.

You no longer have a vote. Didn’t you watch how the election was stolen here in America?
Australia, France, Germany, Canada have had their elections predetermined for a few years now. Just research Merkel in Germany.
The Globalist Cabal owns all of us and our governments because THEY are the government. Macron is a regional governor, not a President or Prime Minister.
Lookat what they did to Trump when he was in office. A global concerted media and Corporate effort to discredit and remove him because he was in the way.

Saw this video early on as well and had family members that were disgusted by my suggestion that the pandemic was a hoax and was literally told “I can’t believe you could be this irresponsible! It’s dangerous, people like you are dangerous!”
Now look at what has transpired! It’s all truth!

Keep it up buddy, you are doing a fantastic job with these videos. Thank you.

There’s a new vid on vaccine choice canada and it looks like there’s proof JT has a financial interest in this vax…

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