The Latest BS We Expect You To Believe!

The Latest BS We Expect You To Believe!

The Latest BS We Expect You To Believe!

By AwakenWithJP

Here’s all the latest BS we expect you to believe! A new press secretary, baby shortage formula, Kamala Harris’s epic speech, and more!

Here’s what others had to say:

Stars and Stripes beat Hammer and Sickle Look it up
Everything horrible they said would happen to you under Orange Man has actually happened to you under Potato Man.

Russian Waifu
Calling Fauci a health professional is like calling Bill Gates a humanitarian.

No, JP isn’t just flaunting his body. His show-off has deeper meaning: He is visualizing the naked truth.

Candy C
JP is the new Walter Cronkite. “The most trusted man in America.” That’s a face you can trust. Also, I think the tie helps.

American Man
JP has a sneaky way of speaking that bypasses censorship! He’s a genius

Fun 4Life
I can’t just help but laugh at all that is happening. Better than crying I guess. Love his guy and his life’s work. It has helped me get through all this craziness. to all from Phoenix, Arizona

Mathew Thomas
When the new press secretary checks every box except qualification and isn’t even embarrassed about how she got there

Angry Dragon
JP, thanks for making such a sihtty situation laughable. This would otherwise be a very bitter pill to swallow right now

James Clerk Maxwell
The scary thing is that some people are so messed up, thay they view truth and logic as toxic.

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