Texas Mass Killings Part of Cartel, Biden Regime Terror Campaign to Disarm Americans

Texas Mass Killings Part of Cartel, Biden Regime Terror Campaign to Disarm Americans

Texas Mass Killings Part of Cartel, Biden Regime Terror Campaign to Disarm Americans


The US border is on the verge of collapse, and CIA-backed Mexican cartels are waging a narco-terror campaign against Americans.

Mexican drug cartels have joined forces in an unprecedented effort to destabilize and destroy the United States of America with the blessing of the Biden Regime, which is using the violent crime of narco-terrorists to disarm the American People and empower the cartel’s human smuggling operations, according to an exclusive InfoWars report.

InfoWars founder Alex Jones has issued an emergency report to warn and inform Americans that the recent mass killings in Texas are part of a wider narco-terror campaign being run by an alliance of CIA-linked drug cartels to push the Biden Regime to confiscate the semi-automatic rifles of American citizens. The campaign has drawn comparisons to the Obama Administration’s Operation Fast and Furious, which similarly put semi-automatic weapons in the hands of drug cartels, in hopes that they would be used in American crimes as a pretext to attack the 2nd Amendment.

“Sources confirm to Infowars that the Biden regime is coordinating with cartel leaders and plans to use their Mexican terror campaign as a pretext to take American people’s guns,” the report reads on InfoWars.com.

On cue, in the immediate aftermath of the mass shooting at an Allen, Texas outlet mall, Joe Biden called for the banning and confiscation of semi-automatic weapons.

The reports of the massive narco-terror campaign come as Biden prepares to end Title 42, the COVID-era border protection that’s allowed for the rapid deportation of illegal aliens – though, under Biden, 60% of illegal border crossers have been permitted to stay in the US anyways.

Because of America’s lack of physical border security, the situation has empowered multi-billion dollar cartel human trafficking operations and has created what Jones describes as a “revolving door” at the US border with Mexico.

When illegal aliens are turned away from the United States, they then pay cartel smugglers to take them back to the border and get them into the US. If they’re turned away once more, the process repeats itself until they gain entry.

This has been exacerbated, explains Jones, by Joe Biden’s calls for illegal aliens to enter the United States en masse.

According to the InfoWars report, the Mexican cartels “plan to terrorize the U.S. into enforcing Title 42 so they can continue to make tens of billions a year off of human smuggling.”

As Jones explained in a more than 50-minute video segment, when the cartels ferry illegal aliens into the United States, the illegals are indebted to the cartels, and the cartels are using them as sleeper cells, ordering them to commit violent and genocidal crimes against Americans, and against other Hispanics who have run afoul of the narco-terrorists.

“Biden’s going to bring back Title 42 but selectively enforce it later,” Jones explained. “But right now, he’s letting the chaos break out,” he said in the video segment before he was joined by journalist Pete Santilli, whose federal sources have told him that the narco-terror campaign and the total collapse of the US-Mexico border are “imminent.”

“Pete has high-level federal sources,” Jones said.

According to the InfoWars report, the recent mass shooting in Allen, Texas and the mass killing of Hispanic pedestrians in El Paso are part of the early stages of the narco-terror campaign.

About a week and a half ago, “an unprecedented meeting took place where the [rival] Gulf Cartel and the Sinaloa Cartel got together,” Santilli explained on the InfoWars broadcast.

“Two of the top cartels, one which controls the border and the other of course down below the border, have essentially decided to launch terror attacks on the United States in order to affect political policy with respect to lifting Title 42,” Santilli explained.

The ONLY SOLUTION to the ongoing crisis appears to be the construction of a border wall, to seal the United States of America off from Mexico for good.

Original source: https://nationalfile.com/report-texas-mass-killings-part-of-cartel-biden-regime-terror-campaign-to-disarm-americans/

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