Telegram Reportedly Released User Data to German Authorities

Telegram Reportedly Released User Data to German Authorities


Telegram Reportedly Released User Data to German Authorities

By Timi Cantisano

Telegram is a popular freeware app that is known for providing end-to-end encrypted messaging, video calls, file sharing, and more. While the company has committed to keeping its over 500 million monthly active users data out of the hands of law enforcement and governments in the past, it looks like now things might have changed. Telegram has reportedly transferred personal information to the Federal Criminal Police Office of Germany.
The data in question was personal data of suspects that are involved in crimes of terrorism and child abuse. Because these users were involved in the crimes mentioned above, the Federal Criminal Police Office of Germany had a much easier time gaining access to the data. If it had been other crimes, it might have been more difficult. According to the source, this is the first time that Telegram has released information to the German police. In previous interactions, Telegram has stood firm with its stance on privacy and ignored requests, even if it was related to crime.

It is unknown how the Federal Criminal Police Office of Germany was granted access to the data protected by Telegram

The Telegram development team has moved around the world avoiding regulations in various counties. It currently calls Dubai home but the team is content in moving if regulations should become unfavorable for the company. More importantly, its servers are spread all across the world, with some located in London, Singapore, and San Francisco. Because of this, it makes it very difficult for authorities to try and obtain data from Telegram. But, it isn’t impossible. For example, if several entities in each respective country where the data centers are kept requests information from Telegram, then the company will most likely comply.

Again, there is only speculation as to how the Federal Criminal Police Office of Germany was able to obtain the data requested, since there is no official word from Telegram about the reported event. But if this event makes you uneasy, you can check out other messaging alternatives.

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