Situation Update – The Signs of Collapsing Western Society: Shootings, Hunger, Desperation and Insanity

Situation Update – The Signs of Collapsing Western Society: Shootings, Hunger, Desperation and Insanity

Situation Update – The Signs of Collapsing Western Society: Shootings, Hunger, Desperation and Insanity

By Health Ranger Report

The realization is hitting home for many people that the crises now hitting the United States are not simply one-off events. The infant formula outage, rising fuel prices, supply chain collapse, authoritarian censorship and now a wave of mass shootings over the weekend — they all point to the systemic collapse of western society as a whole.

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William Finch
America will be fighting a three front war. Russia, China, and American Patriots Militias when and if they ever try to take privately owned guns and ammo! That is when the civil war in America will begin. Our sissified WOKE military could not defeat a troop of Cub Scouts let alone American Patriots militias that are very well trained for war. Demon Socialists should stop all this insanity before they have more than they can handle on their hands! WHEN TYRANNY BECOMES LAW REBELLION BECOMES DUTY FOR EVERY AMERICAN PATRIOT! AMERICA AND AMERICANS FIRST!

Dawnie Rotten
That Buffalo shooter SOYBOY needs a REALITY CHECK!!!!!……send his sorry ass to the Ukraine and force him to ‘fight Russians’ on the FRONT LINE!!

Thomas Guitarman
That soy boy is almost certainly MK ULTRA controlled false flag obvious event. Every detail of this points to that , that so called manifesto appeared within 6 minutes of the event on wikipedia , if people really knew how many such controlled people there are like that they would freak.

You know since Barry took office in what 2009? Things all seemed to BEGIN to go crazy. My conservative friends and Christian friends seemed to be OKAY with him ~ well, I was talking to the Lord everyday, about what I was sensing spiritually. Since that time nothing has ever returned to what used to be. Most would say we need to get back to normal as as Steve Quayle has said for years there is no normal, but Americans want it back! I can’t even joke with people I know about how demented Joe is, they get defensive ~REALLY I WANT TO SAY, BUT JUST KEEP MY MOUTH SHUT. JUST APPROACHING THEM WITH WHAT YOU HAVE SAID TODAY MIKE THEY WOULD EITHER ATTACK ME MENTALLY OR RUN SCREAMING AWAY. aBOUT 10 YRS AGO i SAID TO THE LORD ABOUT THE LAST DAYS ~ I WANT TO KNOW EVERYTHING! WOW HAS HE EVER HONORED THAT REQUEST. MOST OF IT I REALLY DON’T WANT TO KNOW ~ BUT I DO! sO, i HAVE TO FACE IT AND DEAL WITH IT. RAISING DUCKS FOR EGGS AND GROWING FOOD IS MY TASK THIS YEAR. PRAISE GOD He got me out of CA in 2004 and I am rural and have some acreage! I began prepping years ago now and am going to be okay I think even at my age. I am buying a number of things that will probably be very expernsive by next yr, I have bought 2 pair of work boots and blue jeans and shoes and jackets and such. What I will not be able to use, I can sell or barter.

Norma Smith
I agree Obama was the worst president to ever happen to America. And he is still behind the scenes being the evil scum he always was. I wish more people would wake up. I live in a hi-rise in the middle of huge city and can go nowhere if the shit hits the fan but I did stock up on silver, so that’s my barter.

Rist Rocket
HR is right about this, it is a time of desperate moves to maintain power. They have clearly lost yet still fighting in any way they can. This is a fight to their death.

rebel grandma
MEN cannot have babies. I don’t know why this needs to be stated. They have no uterus or ovaries. If you mess with your biology and become a chemical male when you were a woman doesn’t make any difference. You are a female acting like a “fake male”.
If you listen to this channel then I’m preaching to the choir.

Klaus Barbie
When the government demands that you have to sell only to them, you can do what other companies have done; burn the factory down rather then sell to the Antichrist.

As soon as they computerize things they ruin it. They computerized washers and dryers and they are now garbage.

John Smith
“THE SYSTEM” is not collapsing of it’s own volition.
Our WESTERN CULTURE and way of life is being attacked from every direction by the PSYCHOPATHIC ZIONIST GLOBALIST GANGS.

Speaking of the F35 being a big waste of money, I have always sarcastically said ‘why not just strap the bombs on some old passenger jets and turn off the transponders. If on 9-11 some terrorist supposedly beat the most sophisticated air defense in the world by simply turning off the transponders on passenger jets, then what chance would any other country have defending themselves?”

I’m also a God
I mean, I said false flag back when the Black dude plowed into the group of people at that parade (hate to say I told you so). I believe this is all theater. No normal 18yo is thinking on this level. And if he’s not alone, where are his co-conspirators? Also, often times, wouldn’t someone like this be surveilled? Just about every incident of mass murder, the suspect was monitored for months, if not years. But, can’t let a good tragedy go to waste.

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