Situation Update, Sep 30, 2022 – Weather Weapons Targeting Human infrastructure to Achieve Extinction Level Event (ELE)

Situation Update, Sep 30, 2022 – Weather Weapons Targeting Human infrastructure to Achieve Extinction Level Event (ELE)

Situation Update, Sep 30, 2022 – Weather Weapons Targeting Human infrastructure to Achieve Extinction Level Event (ELE)

By Health Ranger Report

0:00 Hurricane Ian

12:35 Vaccines

34:07 Dane Wigington

1:15:20 Emergency Comms

– Featuring Dane Wigington of Geoengineering Watch who says Hurricane Ian was weaponized
– The storm took offline 50% of North America’s phosphate fertilizer production
– Supply chain disruptions mean REBUILDING Florida will take years
– Black mold is about to start growing in all the water-saturated buildings and homes
– Second interview with hurricane first responder who says US Coast Guard has massive stockpile of BODY BAGS
– Actress takes vaccine, sees half her face PARALYZED, and says she would take it again
– San Francisco hands out free monkeypox vaccines to black people (no whites), trans and prostitutes
– US Congress military aid to Ukraine hits $65 billion, but no money for US border wall

Here’s what others had to say:

Sandra Bachar
What a covidiot Gibson is, full on Woketard, she is actually an advertisement for exactly what the leftwing Lunatics stand for, I don’t feel sorry for her, she is probably being paid to say it. She encourages and welcomes more death and destruction, I can’t feel sorry for people like this, these are the moronic Braindead Covidiot Zombies that would turn you in, hold your kids down and FORCE INJECT YOU!! They are dangerous to the rest of us , no sympathy, this is war, she is the Enemy.

Scott Smith
I noticed there were no chem trails for about 5 days in central North Carolina. Then a day before the hurricane’s eta a blanket layer of chem trails across the whole sky. I could see thru it to another layer above starting to be spread. Two layers.
It makes sense, they wanted it to get caught up in the hurricane so it can have a massive spread and impact.

Kirk Shameless
I live behind a Whole Foods. Their power went out and they had no generator during Ian. They just had to throw out about $350,000 worth of food. I had never gone dumpster diving before.
UPDATE: I looked inside the dumpsters and it was just cheap stuff like bread and cauliflower. They pulled up an 18 wheeler and loaded it and left.

Patterson Glen Farm
Gibson says she would take the vaccine again.
That is exactly what is meant when we call people sheep. I pity her and her willful ignorance, yet am amazed at the fact that she is totally willing to sacrifice herself for the “group”.
… Talk about group think and the inability to think for yourself. Astounding!

Kirk Shameless
For whatever reason, women would rather die than admit they were wrong. Apparently, in the past, when women admitted they were wrong they were killed.

Raymond Blauvelt
The DOD has the ability to make hurricanes basically go wherever they want to. They have other interesting toys too. Earthquake generators, rain technology etc. All things that they have used and will use when necessary.


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