Situation Update, Feb 24, 2022 – World War III Begins, Economic Hell for All Americans To Follow

Situation Update, Feb 24, 2022 – World War III Begins, Economic Hell for All Americans To Follow

Situation Update, Feb 24, 2022 – World War III Begins, Economic Hell for All Americans To Follow

By Health Ranger Report

We are getting word directly from sources in Kiev that the Russian assault on Ukraine was carried out with “surprising” scale and coordination. Most Ukrainian citizens were taken completely by surprise, which is why many were not prepared with sufficient fuel to flee Kiev.

Putin’s forces invaded from 3 directions, with tanks rolling into Ukraine from Belarus on the North, followed by paratroopers and amphibious assaults on Odessa and Mariupol.

Here’s what others had to say:

Sonia Pehlivan
World war 3 began 2 years ago upon the people by the globalist

Putin will soon have all the criminal financial money laundering activity of Biden, Obama, Clintons, DemocRATs and RINOs! Your days of freedom American political criminals is over…
Here come the indictments for sedition, treason and lawless traitorous actions of numerous politicians in America after Putin secures all information on your criminal activity against America in Ukraine!
They want us nuked because they know they’re all going to prison forever if we’re not destroyed!!!

T 24
NOW is definitely THE time for the US Patriot “white hats” to move in, put the hammer down, and end the clown show charade of the illegitimate O’Biden Regime. Our current imbecilic “Woke” status is rightfully perceived as weakness throughout the world. It’s HIGH time to get back to the LEGITIMATE projection of peace through strength.

Texas Bill
I’m waiting for 48 hours to know what is really going on. I don’t believe anything out of mainstream media including FOX about Ukraine. Research Georgia – S. Ossetia war and Russian response. Yes corrupt deep state traitors will do terrorist acts in US. Now I understand why the word honkys is used, thanks to Canada MP. C3 means command control and communication

Tom Brown
Come on Putin. I pray your a good guy stomping out the cockroaches

Judy O’Hare
From another post…………Putin not invading ukraine. He is destroying deep state (defense dep’t financed) bio weapons labs and the airports supporting them. Trump aware and support……..could this be the truth

Troy Peterson
Imagine Putin and Biden fighting their own battles. Wouldn’t that be a sight? 8:18 am CST

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