Situation Update, Feb 23, 2022 – “Consciousness Grenade” Explodes Across the Planet As Globalist Tyrants Revealed To Be Illusionists and Fakers

Situation Update, Feb 23, 2022 – “Consciousness Grenade” Explodes Across the Planet As Globalist Tyrants Revealed To Be Illusionists and Fakers

Situation Update, Feb 23, 2022 – “Consciousness Grenade” Explodes Across the Planet As Globalist Tyrants Revealed To Be Illusionists and Fakers

By Health Ranger Report

One of the most important realizations emerging from the fake Ottawa “police” (many of whom turned out to be UN troops with no legal authority whatsoever) is that the globalist cabal doesn’t have enough people to carry out their tyranny. They have to recruit mercenaries from other regions and pay them to brutalize the local people under tyrannical authoritarianism.

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LOL Yes He Does

Because of you, I laughed out loud today! Thank you. Great ideas. Star Wars is one of my favorite.

Not related, but thought I’d share (not my video).
King Charles is talking to demon inside him that speaks of sacrificing children about 10 min in video below. Seems like a redpill to me in one of most popular gaming series.
Royal Fox Hunt Mission (Find Charles the Fat) – Assassins’s Creed Valhalla The Siege of Paris

Matthew Wood
The title ‘Ancient of Days’ (‘Atik Yomin) is used in the Book of Daniel to describe God the Father appearing as the Judge in the End Times.

bryan chadwick
biggest hoax since copernicus. if they used ivermectin on the sick then 100% cure. covid 19 symptoms are the same as the flu or radiation sickness. Nuremberg tribunals coming. roll out the guillotines. it’s a planet wide conspiracy to exterminate 7 billion of us. and genetically modify the rest. don’t take the clot shot,

haha that was hilarious the good old tune to Starwars.

Canadian Recusant
Mike REALLY needs to drop all the amalgamation of New Age David Ike philosophies with Basic Bible history. His unstudied ideologies pollute Bible truth.

I had a dream the other night 20/02/22 I was in a bedroom the ceiling was like a projector screen and a man said come and lay down and look up at the ceiling and watch, at first I didn’t want to but then I laid down and seen fire like explosions looked like a war with weapons, I didn’t want to watch anymore, then I woke up.

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