Russian Troops Enter Ukraine: What Comes Next?

Russian Troops Enter Ukraine: What Comes Next?

Russian Troops Enter Ukraine: What Comes Next?

By The LaRouche Organization

Russian military moves into Ukraine are the inevitable result of the rejection by Trans-Atlantic leaders to seriously negotiate the draft treaties presented by President Putin, which would offer security guarantees to Russia. Putin has called the bluff of the Bidens, Blinkens and BoJos, knowing that they actually wanted him to launch an attack so they could unleash sanctions aimed at destroying Russia. It will not succeed, but could trigger a nuclear war. The Schiller Institute is circulating an emergency call for an international conference to negotiate a security and development architecture that advances the interests of all people in all sovereign nations.

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Paula Tipton
Thank you so much for updates!

dave jordan
Harley you look tense in this video, I understand why, but what can you do? Can we stop a moving freight train? Could what happened in Afghanistan happened in Ukraine, though, and Russia gets back Ukraine, and resolution of its security concerns? If that happens the freight train will have been successfully derailed. Then there will be a whole lot less tension for a while and we push in favor of LaRouche’s four laws, which sounds very good to me.

Pauline Harry
Could you post a link for the memorandum we can print? I cannot see it specifically on the website. Thanks Harley.

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