Russian Soldiers in Ukraine As You’ve Never Seen Them Before!!!!

Russian Soldiers in Ukraine As You’ve Never Seen Them Before!!!!

Russian Soldiers in Ukraine As You’ve Never Seen Them Before!!!!

By Graham Phillips

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Will Coleman
Greetings from Australia. Looks like beautiful rural countryside. Kind acts from these Russian guys – good to see…

sanabam max
It’s really heartwarming to see people in war torn areas receiving this necessary supplies.

sori patrascu
This is a heart-warming video, like a breath of fresh air! After all the horrors and sufferings we are seeing since the beginning of this conflict (2014), its a beacon of hope to see people that are capable to relate like genuine human beings! Bravo Russian soldiers! Bravo simple people of Ukraine!

Tania Kozak
Thank you for showing this. It is heartwarming to know that Russian soldiers have integrity. There is no war with the peaceful person. I hope all Russians and Ukrainians can live in peace. I love both sides and hope this ends quickly.

They’re both polite, the people and the soldiers, God bless russia and ukraine

Max Spinato
I’m loving the honesty with this Content. I live in Australia and when I tell people here the propaganda on mainstream media is disgusting with there anti Russian narrative I’m called a traitor. So I show as many people as I can Graham’s channel. Stay safe on your journey for the truth Graham I respect and admire your courage and commitment and cause.

Terry F
Thank you for the report. We are all humans, War is ugly but alas if there is an Art to War then it must be to eliminate the enemy with as little cost to the innocent civilians who wish only to live in peace. Russia has achieved this at a cost. I salute the bravery of all Russia’s soldiers in their endeavours to protect the civilians whilst trying to eliminate the evil Nazis who aided and abetted by my own government, no less! 🇬🇧 My leaders are despicable.

Bartolomeu Capita
Thank you Graham for this so priceless reportage. Really wonderful. Hats off to these so disciplined and loving Russian soldiers. I am in tears watching this video! Cheers.

Wish more people could see this. I’ve been following your work for a long time. The mainstream narrative is frustrating to say the least when you know better. God bless you and the people of Russia and Ukraine.

Johny Ashm
Brilliant to see good things comming from Ukraine. The MSM will not want people seeing this side of things but thanks to people like Graham the world can see both sides.
God bless all these people and may all their futures benifit long term from the friendly disruption they are experiencing at present.
From England UK.

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