Russia, Ukraine, the CIA & the Rothschild Conspiracy To Destroy Vladimir Putin – Module 1 (Volume1)

Russia, Ukraine, the CIA & the Rothschild Conspiracy To Destroy Vladimir Putin – Module 1 (Volume1)

Russia, Ukraine, the CIA & the Rothschild Conspiracy To Destroy Vladimir Putin – Module 1 (Volume1)

By Global Spiritual Revolution Media Group

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Kathy Cummings
Totally factual teachings- “The Thirteenth Tribe” by Arthur Koestler (an atheist BTW) gives major verification about the Khazarians EXACTLY as the Bishop is teaching! Great stuff

SanctifiedGrl 90’s Girl
I thoroughly enjoyed this teaching. I already knew some of this information however the lineages I did not. Whew Chile! Mind blown. I thank God for end time prophets who are not afraid to tell and teach the TRUTH! I cover you Bishop as you teach and disciple us until the end! Glory be to our soon coming King Jesus!
Bless you Sir!

Tom Carey
Great break down encompasses and expands on every thing I been learning from studying. Thank you Bishop!

Valerie Blazer
Bishop I’m 70 always loved the knowledge of the Bible, but I knew you was talking about from Atilla the hun, and broke down about Ukraine and Russia, I sat and listen to the 3 hrs, I couldn’t eat or drink or go the the bathroom, I asborb and hung in every word I heard these stories from being knowledgeable, they always called me a wired child, I’m 70 and loving want you giving nothing but the truth, you are sent by the almighty for us the original Hebrew, I been listening to you for 3 years and telling the young people to know the history from you, I’m woke, GOD bless you Bishop, I’m in tears, I’m loving the knowledge until I live here, you continue on waking up who will grasp your knowledge. Loving it, and this teaching made me strong.

Dee Dee
I had to watch this three hour video three times and I still need to watch it two more times just to take in everything. Thank you so much Bishop.

Druvi Ceylon Tea
Thank you Bishop for this great presentation 🙂 So much of misinformation going on in the media and people are falling into it big time. Even in the sports arena like soccer, Formula 1 racing etc have quickly started banning Russian events and these spoilt sportsmen are trying to create even more division. I wish your information was heard by a large population around the globe. Looking forward to Part 2. Greetings from the island nation called Sri Lanka. GOD Bless you.

George Miridzhanyan
Pastor Bishop, superb module. Can’t wait for the 2nd. My wife’s half Russian and we are a Pro Russian and Godly family. Bless everyone. Thank you for the dissection of the Truth!

Randal Person
Bishop, you are one of the greatest history teachers that I have ever heard.

Observer88 Tyrael
Great lecture! Confirmation of what its known, the connecting of more dots and new information that provides further depths of understanding. There are many streams of thought, yet these streams of what you speak,… flow into the ocean of deeper truths.

Much appreciation!

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