Russia is Not Bluffing – Putin

Russia is Not Bluffing – Putin

Russia is Not Bluffing – Putin

By Scott Ritter News

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UnBearified Bear
I honestly want this fighting to end.. I cannot believe the path we’re being walked down

Enter my name
Putin is right, he does what he said, not saying somethings and doing another.

We are ready to fight for our country – saying it as a citizen of Russia.
Updt: and we’ll win!

Joe Valdez
Russia could have done this a while ago. Putin has shown great restraint. Our politicians do not represent the American people.

Jamila Asfu
I can’t believe why American doing this. I am stand by Russia. Mighty God bless you Russia.

Aquarium Dude
God save Holy Mother Russia and President Putin! From a proud American who loves Russia and all Russians from the bottom of his heart! There are many tens of millions of us who hate what our illegitimate, unelected government is doing and pray for the victory of the Russian people everyday!

ezey walex
Evening speech is for ending something, but morning speeches is for something new to begin. This is in my view

Being a reservist myself, I feel extremely sympathetic towards these reservists that are being thrown to Ukraine against their will…

Propagandasaurus Rex
Once they’re finished with Ukraine, I hope they won’t stop until they reach the shores of the North Sea.
Because we need it.

Pamoja Tutashinda

transit man
We all know round the world when the Russian president says something he mean it that man doesn’t take any crap off no country.

Jamshed Sethna
” The wind can change and blow towards them ” . I hear that as code for something else, not fall out of nuclear kind but sale of advanced long range weapons to Russian allies that Russia has thus far held back as in Syria


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