Reiner Fuellmich Gives an Update on What’s Happening With the Nuremberg 2.0 Trial

Reiner Fuellmich Gives an Update on What’s Happening With the Nuremberg 2.0 Trial

Reiner Fuellmich Gives an Update on What’s Happening With the Nuremberg 2.0 Trial

By SonOfEnos


The Parliamentary hearing in Poland is wrapping up and the criminal trial for Crimes Against Humanity is set to begin in just a couple of weeks. Fuellmich outlines how the Covid-Crime Against Humanity is a deliberate and premeditated mass-murder of unprecedented proportions.

The Luciferian sociopathic globalists who Fuellmich refers to as the “Davos Crowd” have stolen the worldwide pension funds, and part of the reason why they rushed their plan forward is that they were terrified the public would find out what they did.

Using a combination of bribery and extortion through Satanic Ritual Child Abuse, the globalists have installed their puppets into positions of power in virtually every nation around the world.

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It’s One Big Lie
Unfortunately I’m sure Rheiner is controlled opposition and here to give people hope that there’s justice in this world. Yeadon is also controlled opposition who still pushes the germ theory nonsense.

“We have to fight. There’s no other way. We have to stand and fight.” — Dr. Reiner Fuellmich January 2022
By the way, I agree 100%.

Time to hang all of the Leaders / Politicians of all the Countries….Trudeau FIRST

Holocaust 2.0
They, the elite don’t need to build gas chambers, when they give a syringe full of death.

Stay out of the hospital if you’re unvaxxed. They will give you Remdesivir and then put you on a ventilator. Remdesivir poisoning. This is the protocol in the US

Thankyou Reiner and team for what you have and are doing ..I have been following you from the start .. The People are standing beside you ..

Tell the people the truth, they’ll be ok, I promise. They will not be able to walk down the street. There is a Mass Awakening now. It’s too late for the criminals. They’ve losing ground and money fast. God please intervene and forgive those that ask for forgiveness.

Try them all in abstentia and send out the soldiers to arrest or dispose of them.. offer rewards for heads.

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