Putin SHOCKED at NATO “Cannon Fodder” Tactics

Putin SHOCKED at NATO “Cannon Fodder” Tactics

Putin SHOCKED at NATO “Cannon Fodder” Tactics

By Aussie Cossack

Putin-“The situation in Ukraine has been brought by its so–called friends to the stage where it has become deadly for Russia and suicidal for the Ukrainian people themselves”

“As if Ukrainians don’t exist – they throw them into the furnace, and that’s it.

Here’s what others had to say:

Craig Greenhalgh
He’s The Most Straight Talking, Honorable Leader In This Nato War Against His Country. Mr Putin.

Why is it that when Putin speaks it is with clarity, with facts, with the truth and with love for his people and Russia. The world needs more men like him not the corrupt, criminal elements that run countries, Australia included.

Jason Kennedy
NATO is absolutely bereft of honor, integrity, morals or ethics.

I’m still waiting for Wong and Albanese to gear up and go fight the Russians.

Russia and it’s people have a God given right to exist. Why the constant western expansion into their space ?
Honest diplomacy and fair trade would save all this pain.

Anthony Cowles
Glory an victory will be with Russia and humanity ,,,, Putin is that the greatest leader on planet Earth …. cheers

Grace G
Just wondering if you know if Australia has a Consulting HEALTH arrangement with the WEF??????

Ya El Z
So he spent 8 years doing nothing but complains about the Soviets “not taking measures”. Even though the entire economy was changed to a war footing. Meanwhile those commanders that betrayed Russia did so to be part of Europe.

Peta Ribbon
God bless Russia
Freedom for the whole world
Like always from Australia


Original source: https://youtu.be/YqSHHz6bDQA

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