Putin Just Launched the BIGGEST Attack of the War so Far | Redacted with Clayton Morris

Putin Just Launched the BIGGEST Attack of the War so Far | Redacted with Clayton Morris

Putin Just Launched the BIGGEST Attack of the War so Far | Redacted with Clayton Morris

By Redacted

Is the West just sending weapons to Ukraine for kindling? As soon as they arrive, they are targeted and destroyed by Russia. How long can the West afford this and how many more people have to die before this conflict ends? Western leaders are calling on the Biden administration to support peace now.

Here’s what others had to say:

P Kenny
NATO should be charged with war crimes.

The more I read about Ukraine and Zelensky the more respect I have for Putin and Russia we were lied too again.

Jon Spencer
Citizens in the US want peace, if only our government represented the people.

Here in the UK we have an unelected disaster for Prime Minister, who most Brits wished would go to Ukraine’s front line and stay there. Putin most intelligent Leader in the world.

NATO, Biden and the aggressors have poked the bear too many times, now the bear is pissed.

Brian Wilke
If ever there was a time when the saying “You deserve what you get” were more appropriate, I don’t know when it comes to the United States of America. We have turned into a dark nation, with a corporate/elite structure that is borderline evil. Look at the criminals running the show, unaccountable. We lost our way fundamentally, and it seems like only a minority of us are fighting back through simple things like non-compliance, boycotts, and such, and it just doesn’t seem to impact much. The Russians will win big; if I were Putin, I would make the defeat particularly humiliating.

The “double-tap” is a strategy that was used by the US in Iraq and Afghanistan.
They would hit a target with a drone-fired hellfire missile, wait 5-15 minutes for emergency services to arrive, and as the first responders tend to the wounded and dying, they hit the area with another hellfire in the same spot, killing all the first responders. There are lots of videos of this.
Ukraine is now using the same strategy with its civilian attacks in Donbass.
The double tap is actually a war-crime.

The Rainforest
Let’s shed light on WEF and WHO, since they are the single biggest cause of why this world is unravelling so disastrously.

NATO/US/UK/EU was clearly said “No peace talk”. They totally underestimated Mr. Putin. “He means what he says. Putin is a man of his words”.

I love how the West and Ukraine are so confused by the Kinzel missile that they are not even sure when it is being used yet they expect us to believe they are shooting them down. Whatever!

The free press omited to tell what the Ukrainian did to the russian speakers and called the Ukrainian democratic.

Ivo V
The gloves are off. Russian aviation has been pounding Ukranian storage facilities, large concentration of personnel etc. Whether you like Putin or not, he has been extremely reserved… I think this has changed.

Concerned Citizen
Russia’s demilitarisation of Ukraine is the best thing for Europe… And it’s demilitarisation of NATO is the best thing for the whole world.

Jeong-hun Sin
Nato attacking Russia in the name of Ukraine, Russia attacking Nato in the name of attacking Ukraine. “A shrimp gets crushed in a fight between whales” is the perfect Korean proverb for this situation.

Ann Mowatt
It is more than time that those in power are objecting. This is utterly horrendous and heartbreaking and I cannot understand how any human being can have provoked this in the first place and is NOT demanding peace. How evil have people become? Do we have any humanity at all. This MUST end.


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