Pro-Russia Movement in Moldova; Protesters Rally Against NATO-friendly Govt | Explained

Pro-Russia Movement in Moldova; Protesters Rally Against NATO-friendly Govt | Explained

Pro-Russia Movement in Moldova; Protesters Rally Against NATO-friendly Govt | Explained

By Hindustan Times

The country of Moldova, bordering Ukraine, is finding itself in the crosshairs of Russia and the West. The nation’s ties with Russia are appearing increasingly strained after Moldovan president Maia Sandu blamed Moscow for plotting a coup to overthrow her pro-EU government so that it does not join the bloc. On Tuesday, U.S. president Joe Biden met Sandu in Poland and affirmed support for Moldova’s sovereignty. But the Moldovan president’s accusations were followed by anti-government protests in the country where calls for made for Russia to intervene as they battle a cost of living crisis. Watch this video to find out more about what’s happening in Moldova.

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Always be with your people, your ancestors… dont fall for crumbs of some vested interest who thrives on divide and rule.
India has a case study of Pakistan, who did that and see its state today…above all crisis .. they have identity crisis.

Zdzislaw Meglicki
It looks like the Russians have finally learnt to play the American game: start a movement, gain power, seek Russian protection. A look at the map of the region shows clearly why Moldova is of strategic importance to Russia in the current conflict.

Thank you for showing us this it is rare to see these visuals western media I heard their President is blaming Putin

Lion Victor99
The end of president maia sandu. Wise decision by Moldovian people, beautiful sight. This is one strategy and President Putin has many up his sleeve.

Keep at it, Moldovan people. Your are very brave don’t let your country be a vessel state of US.

Moise Kabongo
May that movement continue and spread to many countries. What’s the reason why she wants to drag that country into useless conflicts and expose those innocent people for nothing.

Charles O
Sanctions backfiring heavily on EU. More Slavic countries would join in asking for closer ties with Russia.
The reality is that the economies of the old Eastern block is still shrouded in Soviet era culture, the collective west are not buying their products in comparison with Russia which shares a lot in common with them.

Yatish V
Similar thing happened in Nepal few years back, when communist PM who was pro China was trying to claim land of India as there land and was always giving Anti-Indian statements, PPL of Nepal didn’t like him so protested and made him to back off as president wch he did due to pressure.

Krishna Pather
Just an observation, many of the women politicians are very pro-US and very obedient, from New Zealand to Norway……….Looks like US finds it easier to endoctrine women politicians…..Such a poor performance of women in politics lately.

Slavka Rybovicova
Moldova we are proud of u love from Slovakia we protesting as well every day Slavic nations be strong together we can beat fashism and western imperialism.

shylu suman
Next elections in a lot of EU and Nato countries is going to see a lot of diversity as voting will be influenced by a NATO war entry supporting vs anti-war supporting sentiment ……


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