Orwellian Gates/Soros-Funded Think Tank is Targeting and Monitoring Irish Citizens Who Speak Out for Freedom

Orwellian Gates/Soros-Funded Think Tank is Targeting and Monitoring Irish Citizens Who Speak Out for Freedom

Orwellian Gates/Soros-Funded Think Tank is Targeting and Monitoring Irish Citizens Who Speak Out for Freedom

By Rhoda Wilson

Orwellian Gates/Soros-Funded Think Tank Is Targeting and Monitoring Irish Citizens Who Speak Out for Freedom

The West’s Awake wrote an eye-opening article detailing the near granular online surveillance of Irish citizens who dare to challenge the official narrative. The monitoring and surveillance, including keeping a record of individual tweets and Telegram posts, is being conducted by the London-based think tank Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD) which targets individuals who speak…

Orwellian Gates/Soros-Funded Think Tank Is Targeting and Monitoring Irish Citizens Who Speak Out for Freedom

The West’s Awake wrote an eye-opening article detailing the near granular online surveillance of Irish citizens who dare to challenge the official narrative.  The monitoring and surveillance, including keeping a record of individual tweets and Telegram posts, is being conducted by the London-based think tank Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD) which targets individuals who speak against their chosen narrative.

ISD is also keeping tabs on the disagreements and feuds within the freedom movement. “You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure out … that globalists are probably dedicating resources to infiltrate online and offline groups with a view to destroying their credibility,” wrote The West’s Awake.

Two of the significant financial backers of ISD are The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Soros-funded Open Society.

The following text has been extracted from a longer article titled ‘Irish anti-lockdown activists targeted by Soros and Gates-funded report’ by The West’s Awake

The Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD) is a London-based think tank allegedly founded to initiate discussions to help improve police responses to extremism. It is a non-Irish entity.

Now, in more recent times this think-tank has taken on the self-appointed role of guardians against disinformation. Curiously, in 2021, the good people of ISD Global developed a sudden fascination with all things Irish and at the end of the year produced a report. It goes without saying that this is yet another, progressively left-leaning, and heftily funded non-governmental body claiming responsibility for defining the “Truth” of the world around us.

The corona age has ushered in an era of a new concept though. Single arbiters of truth. Worryingly, these single arbiters of truth and facts have a pretty terrible track record in their supposed area of expertise. For example, early in the pandemic, the Prime Minister of New Zealand revealed the following to a group of reporters. With a straight face.

“We will still continue to be your single source of Truth….unless you hear it from us it is not the truth”

Politicians all across the globe were allowed to get comfortable with this type of rhetoric unchallenged. If any western politician uttered these words, on any subject, to a group of reporters even as little as five years ago – belly laughter would’ve ensued. Instead, today, journalists are lapping it up without as much as a raised eyebrow.

Into this world step global think-tanks like ISD Global armed with research on conspiracy theories and dangerous extremists around the world. Monitoring of Anti-lockdown and anti- mandate activists. These non-governmental agencies are funded by the same people who fund the WHO, WEF and any other two and three-letter global organisations you can conjure up in your brain. Simply put – the people funding the mainstream narratives are also the people funding the research into counter-narratives. You can imagine how objective the results of any such research will be, I’m sure.

2021 ISD Report

At the end of 2021 ISD Global compiled a report on all the prominent anti-lockdown elements in Ireland. Of course, almost all are tarred with the same far-right brush. We’ll go through some of the names in this report and you can make your own judgement on the rights or wrongs of that tattooing. Suffice to say, I don’t believe any of them deserve the label.

Interestingly, one or two big hitter Irish names were omitted from this report and I find that almost as interesting as the people that were targeted for inclusion.

The overall subliminal messaging of this report is that all anti-lockdown and anti-mandate activity equates to far-right extremism. My experience of people at the grassroots level of what I prefer to call the freedom movement is that they straddle both sides of the traditional political spectrum.

The ISD global report that is the subject of this article today is entitled: Anti-Lockdown Activity: Ireland – Country Profile.

Monitoring and Targeting Counter-Narratives

This 16-page document gives a stunning insight into how meticulously and methodically this global elite think-tank is monitoring and targeting groups of counter-narrative people in Ireland especially advocates for the protection of individual freedoms and bodily integrity.

Let’s start with just listing a dozen or so names that come under scrutiny in this report or have popped up on their radar. Incidentally, many more groups, parties and individuals are mentioned by ISD Global but I’ll focus on some names that are familiar to me for the purposes of this piece.

  • Ivor Cummins
  • Dolores Cahill
  • Gemma Doherty
  • Rowan Croft AKA Gran Torino
  • John Waters
  • Dolores Webster “ Dee Wall”
  • Lawyers for Justice
  • Ben Gilroy
  • Tracey O’Mahoney
  • Barbara Barrett AKA ‘Shakti Ji’
  • Rise up Eireann

Now, in any list of ten people, you’ll find one or two that you don’t necessarily agree with or whose content doesn’t resonate. One or two above I am not particularly fond of but to list any of them as somehow involved with dangerous extremism is plainly ludicrous. What I particularly dislike is that the authors of this document attempt to link the combined output of all these people and groups to one death.

The report maliciously and erroneously tries to associate the social media output of all the various people in the Irish lockdown movement with the death of Joe McCarron. A hideous lie and with absolutely no basis in truth. It does this subtly but the first sentence of the extract below leaves the reader in little doubt about where these arbiters of “truth” believe a good chunk of the blame lies.

“The effects that these movements have on individuals was catapulted into the public consciousness in September 2021, when a video went viral online showing a man, struggling to catch his breath, being persuaded to leave the intensive care unit of a hospital in Letterkenny, Co Donegal where he was being treated for COVID-19. In the video, an individual identified as Antonio Mureddu, a sovereign citizen extremist with links to the Italian far-right party Lega Nord, can be heard telling the ill patient, Joe McCarron, that if he stays in the hospital the doctors will “fucking kill you”. McCarron, who was unvaccinated and had bought into many of the claims made by those spreading COVID-19 misinformation, left the hospital that day but was rushed back to intensive care two days later after the disease had spread to his brain. Joe McCarron died on September 24, 2021.“

Page 11 – Anti-lockdown Activity: Ireland Country Profile

As you can see, in an attempt to cover itself the report eventually names the actual individual, Antonio Mureddu, who allegedly took the video encouraging poor Joe McCarron to leave the hospital. Yet, the introductory sentence invites the reader to blame everyone from this mythical beast that is Ireland’s “far-right”.

Extreme progressive ideology already controls the three main government parties and the institutions of our state. It’s already in our Department of Education and Department of Environment. It’s already in our third-level academic sector, multi-national sector and media. It’s pervading now through our Department of Agriculture as I write. It already is attempting to control our finances on an even more individual level. In short, the far-left has already won and taken over this country. And nobody’s even taken a blind bit of notice of it happening. I mean all the far-left needs now is to continue distracting and dividing the small minority of people alive to what is going on. And to stop new people from noticing the silent transfer of power that has already taken place right under our noses. The only outstanding issue is to monitor any potential grass-root uprisings of people that begin to question this transfer of power collectively. And that is where entities like ISD Global come into the equation as monitoring tools.

The more I think about it, the more I come to the conclusion that this is the sole reason think tanks like ISD Global are interested in applying resources to a country like Ireland. The globalist poster-child of the West.

What other grounds are there for applying the resources and effort that goes into the production of a report like this one?

The goal must be to extinguish any groups of people highlighting what is going on in Ireland and who are also producing intelligent content online or activating themselves in communities offline. George Soros and Bill Gates are not trying to infiltrate Ireland with a new ideology. They’ve already succeeded in doing that over the last ten to twenty years. The present game must then be to simply protect their winnings and ensure no one or no emerging group stands in their way.

So, at this point, it will come as no surprise when I reveal that two of the significant financial backers of ISD Global are The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Soros-funded Open Society. See the full list of financial backers below.

Honing In On “Conspiracy Theorists”

What interested me most about this report was not its listing of a couple of fledgling political parties in Ireland, but rather ISD Global’s zoning in on Youtube influencers and people that ISD Global label as “conspiracy theorists.” Clearly, significant resources are required to apply this type of attention to individuals in Ireland.

Now, when you tie this report into another tech resource that is online and tracking alleged perpetrators of Irish mis-information called http://www.Irishclowns.com the situation becomes even more sinister.

This website and tool categorises the anti-narrative movement into broadcasters of misinformation and even more sinisterly consumers of that alleged misinformation. Broadcasters and Clowns. In other words, if you have a Twitter account and you’re merely following a number of the broadcasters in the list this website has compiled – someone is tracking your social media.

Irish Clowns has a list of 250 different types of accounts that it classifies as broadcasters of disinformation. It includes many of the people in the ISD Global report but even more crazily also some elected public representatives like Michael McNamara and Mattie McGrath both TDs.

Early in the pandemic Gemma O’Doherty and John Waters made headlines as they tackled the Irish State over the constitutionality of the pandemic restrictions. The ISD Global report takes obvious delight in highlighting Gemma’s removal from both Youtube and Twitter in 2019 and 2020. What is interesting is that the watchers have noticed and recorded that Gemma Doherty’s influence has waned in the second half of 2021. Now, I would argue that she is just getting smarter about how she is communicating her message and content but the point to note is that someone, somewhere is watching all of this very closely to be able to extract a nuanced observation like that.

This almost granular surveillance of someone like Gemma O’Doherty or John Waters might not be a huge surprise given their historic and contemporary public profiles but what might come as a shock is that it is clear hundreds of Irish social media accounts are being monitored closely. Whether this is algorithmically or by human eyes and ears. Probably a mixture of both I would guess.

The ISD Global report on Ireland has individual tweets and Telegram posts embedded into the report. Most are taken completely out of context and utilised to supposedly prove some of the ridiculous claims it makes about people.

The ISD seems particularly bothered by Ivor Cummins and Shakti Ji. Obviously, these two have developed very significant online and offline followings. This is most certainly the reason for ISD Global’s interest in singling the two of them out along with Dolores Cahill.

Ivor has the biggest counter-narrative YouTube channel in the country and is producing, by any fair analysis – thoughtful and considered content. A statistical and scientific counterargument backed up with real-world data and published scientific studies. Along with platforming interesting and eminently qualified voices like Mattias Desmet in interview format.

Early in the pandemic Shakti Ji successfully managed to get 20,000 people onto the streets protesting. I personally do not follow her much or the Rise Up Eireann movement other than to say anyone able to organically achieve crowd gatherings like this would certainly draw the attention of nefarious outside forces. It would also seem to me that Shakti Ji operates in what I would loosely describe as the spiritual arena and that this specific area is a source of worry to many in the think-tank world as we shall get to witness in more detail towards the end of this article.

As well as RiseUp Eireann, the holistic health-to-COVID-19 misinformation pipeline is also evident in the case of Ivor Cummins. Cummins was, until 2020, a metabolic health researcher and influencer, who pivoted towards criticizing lockdowns and pandemic responses. He currently has over 14 million views on his YouTube channel and 143,000 followers on Twitter, where he promotes analysis which challenges scientific consensus around the pandemic which experts say are based on faulty science.”

Page 10 Anti-lockdown Activity: Ireland Country Profile

Furthermore, ISD Global accuses anti-lockdown and mandate movements of using RIP.ie to further extremism and abuse people by stating the following:

“Another strategy employed by some of the members of these movements involves using an Irish website that tracks death and funeral notices to find sudden deaths in young people and falsely claim these deaths are a result of the vaccine. Grieving families have had to deal with online abuse and their loved one’s names and images being used to organize protests and further the antivaccine agenda “

Page 12Anti-lockdown Activity: Ireland Country Profile

The above statement is not backed up in any way with actual evidence. Just a generic accusation is thrown out there along with the many others in this report. While it is true to say that many people have been analysing deaths on RIP.ie throughout the lockdown period to identify trends and anomalies with official statistics it is a gross misrepresentation to insinuate that individuals or groups are targeting grieving families with abuse on the basis of what they are extrapolating from RIP.ie. This is mud intended to stick to every person or entity named and shamed in the report. Pretty hideous behaviour I think you’ll agree.

Feuds Within the Freedom Movement

The report concludes that the anti-lockdown and anti-mandate movements in Ireland are riven with internal feuding. There is actually some truth to this and once again is indicative of the levels of attention being paid to the anti-lockdown movement as a whole. No doubt one of the functions of this ISD Global group and other agencies like it is to increase and encourage division.

“Ireland is a small country and the close-knit nature of the far-right community, combined with the surge in new conspiracy theory movements accompanying the pandemic, means that extremist elements have more avenues for communication and more audiences to direct their content to than ever before. In-fighting among the groups and individuals gives an impression of a somewhat fractured movement compared to a year ago. Síol na hEireann’s ties to Jim Dowson, for example, have drawn the ire of some within the far-right in Ireland. Dr. Dolores Cahill has also recently had a very public skirmish with Ben Gilroy, a notorious anti-government campaigner “

Page 12Anti-lockdown Activity: Ireland Country Profile

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure out, from extracts like the one above, that globalists are probably dedicating resources to infiltrate online and offline groups with a view to destroying their credibility. While, in addition, monitoring emerging conflict zones that may exist between various movements in Ireland with a view to deepening the divide.

For example, the report has cottoned on to the fact that a fault line exists between Tracey O’Mahoney and Lawyers for Justice and highlights it in the report. Unless you’re living under a rock, you’ll know that this split has become even more acrimonious since the production of this report. What is again interesting is that the resources of this think-tank noticed this in 2021 and quite clearly people on the progressive left are monitoring what Tracey O’Mahoney is doing pretty closely.

“Tracey O’Mahony, a barrister and former member of the political party Renua has links to various Irish far-right figures and has opposed Ireland’s public health regulations throughout the pandemic. She has gained hundreds of thousands of views on her YouTube channel by organising petitions and letter-writing campaigns directed at politicians. O’Mahony has also raised a significant amount of money and set up a non-profit called the Irish Council for Civil Rights. She was also involved in setting up Lawyers for Justice, a coalition of legal professionals that oppose vaccine passes, although, according to O’Mahony, she has since distanced herself from this group “

Page 12Anti-lockdown Activity: Ireland Country Profile

Targeting Holistic Health

One of the most troubling elements of this ISD Global study is the new targeting of holistic health and spirituality groups and their associated social media accounts. I would hazard a guess and say that if this think-tank produces another report on Ireland at the end of 2022, we will hear a lot more spurious accusations about people in this space.

The reason I believe this is due to the fact that these groups are the ones actually trying to build out positive alternative lifestyles and alternative community structures based to varying degrees on a combination of healthy living, creative endeavour, spirituality and sustainable food production. These types of ideas pose a very real threat to the establishment order.

Rather than making attempts to break down the existing societal structures these holistic, sovereign or spiritual movements simply choose to ignore or disengage with existing structures as much as possible. The talk in these groups is about building out their own off-grid communities or individual, sovereign lifestyles.

Again, it is worrying that nefarious forces in the ISD Global sphere have begun to sit up and take notice of this activity and one would worry that they or others are dedicating resources to counter some of the things they are doing. The rationale the compilers of this report give for including these “New Age” movements in their scribblings and lumping them in as far-right is plainly ridiculous as you’ll see below:

“However, by the beginning of 2021, new groups were being formed which originated from very different movements with little-to-no original interaction with extremist movements – a clear example of the way conspiracy theories help bring together disparate movements. These new groups were born out of New Age health conspiracy theories “

Page 9 -Anti-lockdown Activity: Ireland Country Profile

In Summary

So, in summation, it is clear that government and non-government agencies are still concerned about the rise of any grassroots movement they don’t have control and influence over. What people reading this piece should understand is that forces are working against the rise of anything that potentially threatens their anti-freedom narrative.

It seems clear to me now that resources are in place to monitor not just large protest-type movements but gatherings or groups as small as fifty to a hundred people. As crazy as that may sound. I suppose in one way it makes complete sense in that it’s much more cost-effective to crush ten small groups at that level than a big one that has risen already to fifty or sixty thousand strong. My gut has been telling me for a long time that the more de-centralised and off-line groups are the better.

This report from ISD Global and the Irish Clowns website confirms that a lot of resources are being pumped into monitoring Irish online behaviour and any people that might be emerging to lead any new movement. Much more out-of-the-box thinking on this subject is required to counter-act the surveillance.

Big Brother is watching and watching pretty closely.


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