Laura Ingraham: This Was Never About the Virus

Laura Ingraham: This Was Never About the Virus

Laura Ingraham: This Was Never About the Virus

By Fox News

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Joseph Talmadge
As an American I couldn’t be more proud of our Canadian friends for starting this great movement God bless you all freedom isn’t free!!!!!!

Ahmad Al-khateeb
This isn’t about keeping Canadians safe, it’s about preserving the power that was gained over the past 2 years.

Olivia Smith
Brilliant reporting! Hiw can we, “ordinary people “, protect ourselves from crooks and criminals in politics?

I wish Canada had THIS kind of honesty aired! We need more of this in Canada. Tell it like it is!

If the left is honestly going to say that “Freedom is something that thrives among those on the right,” I’m happy to see them finally saying something true about us.

“Never in the field of human conflict have so many owed so much to so few” Winston Churchill. Thanks Truckers!!! This is your FINEST HOUR

Unfortunately, there are still a whole lot of people that still believe it was about “keeping people safe” but you speak the truth.

Jim Ferrante
Huge segment Laura, thank you.
Who would have guessed we’d be living in a world where our freedom its under complete assault by petty tyrants claiming to be doing it for our “safety?”

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