Latest Front Line Map in Ukraine Format 02.04.2022

Latest Front Line Map in Ukraine Format 02.04.2022

Latest Front Line Map in Ukraine Format 02.04.2022

By AussieCossack

Latest front line map in Ukraine format 02.04.2022

1. As announced a few days ago Russian forces have pulled back from Kiev, Chernigov region and Sumy regions.

2. Russian troops are focusing on the encirclement and defeat of the 150,000 strong Ukrainian army group in the Donbass.

3. Russian forces continue their gains in the southern city of Mariupol.

4. Artillery duels between Russian and Ukrainian forces continue in the southern Herson region.

5. Russia has deployed a NBN internet cable to the Herson region from Crimea as Russian troops continue supplying the locals with humanitarian aid, food, medicine and supplies.

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