Joe Biden’s Blunders Bring Sky News Australia Host to Tears

Joe Biden’s Blunders Bring Sky News Australia Host to Tears

Joe Biden’s Blunders Bring Sky News Australia Host to Tears

By Sky News Australia

Sky News Australia host Rita Panahi has been brought to tears as she struggled to contain her laughter in assessing some of US President Joe Biden’s most notable and cringeworthy gaffes.

Ms Panahi discussed the recent routine physical checkup undertaken by President Biden and the fact he was deemed to be “fit for duty,” according to presidential physician Dr Kevin O’Connor.

Here’s what others had to say:

Nev Lomeur
No doctor on the public payroll examining a president is gonna give a negative response if they want to keep his/ her job.

Aimee Metzinger
As an American, I love your candid coverage, and I’m so happy to to see you hosting. It is stressful, anger-making & depressing to see the mess this administration is purposely creating in our country. Thanks again for the laugh, and also for your well done reporting of serious issues. Pray for our World to turn around and avoid further disaster.

No longer a Calamity Girl
As an American…..this is mortifying! The Good Book says, “Pride comes before a fall”. I think us here in the USA are a great example of that!

John Avilla
What’s really scary, scarier than the fact that people actually voted for this, scarier than the fact that they would lie to us about this, is the fact that a fair amount of people BELIEVE it!

He wanders aimlessly around like my brother-in-law who was diagnosed with dementia and put into a memory care facility because his wife could not take care of him anymore.

Three Sisters Trucking
I love listening to you ,All reporters should take lessons from you,it appears you have more interest and pride in the United States than the reporters from here in the U.S.

They should make these tests live so everyone/Americans can see the truth of the results for themselves.

Thank you Sky for being a truthful outfit. Cuz in the USA we dont have an honest media to tell us the truth. THANK YOU.

jason bates
The problem is that its not just the Australians laughing at him it is most of the world.

david hitzig
Definitely bring the Doctor up on charges in front of the ethics committee and medical incompetence comittee.

Gina McDonald
Australian news is telling the truth about the mess in the USA! Thank you for your honest news reporting!!!


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