Insane US Leaders Try To Provoke Nuclear War With Russia

Insane US Leaders Try To Provoke Nuclear War With Russia

Insane US Leaders Try To Provoke Nuclear War With Russia

By Health Ranger Report

US establishment leaders — including RINOs — are trying to provoke Russia into a full-scale war over Ukraine in order to provide sufficient chaos as a cover for the planned “global reset” debt bomb implosion. They also need a war in order to justify medical martial law, gun confiscation and supply chain failures while suspending the 2022 midterm elections and keeping the Biden puppetmasters in power for as long as possible.

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We live in a world of too many wicked people who are the powers that be. It’s always been that way in reality. It’s just gotten to an absurb level now. Predicted in the Bible. It’s what comes of a world that rejects God.

The Ukraine situation is a diversion to pull our attention away from China’s promise to invade Taiwan (Russia and China working together against America).

Steve Stojanovich
Russia and China are not working agaisnt America, they are working agaisnt the DEEP state globalists that want to destroy Am, Ru and Chiina. Russia has 5000 nukes, do u want to live in caves?

Down to Earth Thinking
Everything is a diversion in todays dystopian world. The CV scam is not going as planned so they need lots of diversions and more scare tactics. What they are doing is slowly breaking people down psychologically in an ongoing psyop with many tentacles like Taiwan, Ukraine, destroying our military, handing over all our equipment to the Taliban to use, protecting many layers of criminals openly. They have already broken down the physical capabilities of the American people 20 years ago and more as well their capacity to think and question authority or fight back in any way. All part of the grand plan ongoing daily. PRAVDA/MSM keeps it all going with their pure propaganda.

By the way BTC is just another pyramid scheme in cyber mode, nothing more or less. All just another illusion same as Tesla and many others. If we had a real SEC none of it could exist. But who is really paying attention to much of anything ? I have seen and lived thru all the previous pump and dumps, boom and busts and they all have the same components that is very easy to identify. The crash now in motion will be the biggest of all by far because all of the stability is long gone. It was all wasted and destroyed by fools we call our leaders.

How many times have I mentioned the many illusions that control most people ? Now many more are seeing what I was talking about on many matters people delude themselves about. Like doctors are here to cure you and can give you good health, when in fact it is now clear many are total frauds and criminals complicit in mass murder. Most know nothing at all except how to hand out death and suffering in a pill ! As well that religion is not God and never will be.

We now have no real military any longer but Russia and China do. Russians are very practical and do not get consumed in any junk like LGBT garbage. Yeh we are in very deep shit people. Where did Russia and China get all their new missiles and tech ? From us, they bought it all from our leaders and NGOs all as most people sat on the couch while getting fatter and dumber !

Mike your idea that these maniacs can do whatever they please is part of the problem we now have. NO, people should NOT be allowed to promote any of this gay crap in any way because this is what we end up with, more insanity and sick MOFOers. Again your tolerance and naive benevolence shows its final outcomes and here we are in more dog shit because of that false benevolence. Just a reality check Mike. Also the NGs are now just tools of the deep state junk and most are totally clueless of anything.

The main tool will be various kinds of cyber attacks from various sources and some within our own gov. Overall another good update. But glad to see you are slowly letting go of some of your won illusions as well.

Dear Mr. Putin,
Please launch everything you’ve got on DC District of Criminals and you will solve your problems and ours…
Signed: The American People…

I’m chuckling at the shih tzu crypto coin. Seriously though, shih tzu are the best little dogs. I have one and she’s the best friend I’ve ever had.

Insane RINO Republican Mississippi Senator Roger Wicker (aka “Wicked” if you ask me) calling for Biden to keep 1st strike option on Russia. Folks, this is evil and debased mind bordering on Insanity in DC as Satan reigns over many of them!

The Keystone cops in DC under the head clown Biden seem to be pushing us to war with Russia – just what the CCP wants! Bejing Biden may try to leave China as the only surviving super power. I don’t believe it will work – but it is crazy that this level of evil is upon our nation and the world in less than 1 year since Trump, but I suspect Satan knows his time is very, very short so he is becoming more aggressive in destruction. I hope American Christians start waking up to see what Biden has brought America -> Satan’s traits of chaos, division and destruction are on full throttle. Are the blind and ungodly Democrats and Trump haters even close to waking up to the reality of this man and their party?

This Commander and Thief may end our nation before his term is over?

Now, I know God is in control, and I don’t think we are to become as mystery Babylon before 2024, but I would think anyone that is not of God and still has any common sense would be very concerned. I do praise God as evil is showing itself very clearly so people can clearly choose what side they support and Jesus has never been closer to returning.

I sold my bitcoin and bought silver. Glad I did it before the Minsky moment! I loved the shih tzu coin example. I always have a smile listening to Mike.

Texas Bill
Put that crazy Senator on a dingy with M4 in black sea. Fighting Russia on Russian border would mean millions of dead soldiers & sailors. Would lead 10’s of millions of radioactive dead civilians in US & Russia insane!!!

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