How Hong Kong’s Protesters Evade Police and Keep the Demonstrations Alive

How Hong Kong’s Protesters Evade Police and Keep the Demonstrations Alive

How Hong Kong’s Protesters Evade Police and Keep the Demonstrations Alive

By The New York Times

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Ian The Cool Thief
They say people are smart, but a crowd is stupid, but this is a prime example of what happens when a crowd is smart.

Danielle Martinos
Jesus, this is more organized than any event I’ve ever been too.

for people going to the Minneapolis protests, TAKE NOTES

Yiding Yang
I love how they translated 加油” to “add oil” at the end. In Chinese it’s a generic cheer and encouraging phrase such as “let’s go” or “come on”

miguel R
I hope Minneapolis, LA, NY are taking notes

I can’t believe you guys translated 加油 as “add oil”. It simply means “don’t give up!”.

This is another level of protest. Not just an aggressive one, but also a smart one. Somehow it creates the image of a “civilized” yet effective protest, where people show their unity and mutual support alongside the much needed hostility. THIS is the “rightest” way I have seen so far, and other countries/ groups should learn from it (yes, I am pointing fingers).

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