How Did We Miss This?

How Did We Miss This?

How Did We Miss This?

By Russell Brand

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has spoken about “a slippage in our democracies” and the rise of authoritarian leaders, in relation to Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. This, without a single hint of irony.

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Tech Planet
Thanks Russ, we need to keep talking about this, I’m afraid some Canadian are too forgetful when it comes to elections. Trudeau will definitely go down as one of the worst PM’s in history. I would have walked straight out the door when he talked about dictatorship in China being a good thing.

Thanks for posting this Russell. As a Canadian it’s heartening to know that there are people such as you standing up for us. Unfortunately, there are Canadians still brainwashed by this WEF puppet. His father started the ruination of Canada and he is attempting to complete it. I hope that people around the world will come to realize that we are all One. We are in the spiritual battle of all battles and we must win. God bless you & God bless us all. <3

It’s a breath of fresh air in a world filled with deceit to hear real truth being spoken.

Thank you Russell for making my day ! You as so many other Canadians know exactly what is going on with Government . Cheers and hope to view more from you soon 💖 from Alberta 🇨🇦

Stan Prochnicki
Thank you for pointing out Trudeau’s hypocrisy so clearly. I wish this could air on all the Canadian media outlets just before our next federal election.

Ja Ich
He is phenomenal in revealing the hypocrisy that masquerades as empathy and morality.
Thank you Mr. Brand.

Emily Calvo
Clear analysis, straightforward words, Russ, enjoy watching and listening to you.

Happy Go Lucky
I watched this twice, it felt so good to have someone else say what we have been thinking and feeling since we are now possibly under the threat of saying it ourselves. I thought Trump was a joke, I think we found the punch line.

Dave Leblanc
As a Canadian, me and my wife seriously considered moving to the US with our three kids when Trudeau invoked that law.

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