How CIA Plotted Peru Coup?

How CIA Plotted Peru Coup?

How CIA Plotted Peru Coup?

By Great Game India

According to reports, Castillo’s final phone call before leaving the presidential mansion came from the US Embassy. This is how the CIA plotted the Peru coup.

On the last day of his administration as president of Peru, December 7, 2022, Pedro Castillo was seated in his office. Spreadsheets reviewed by his attorneys demonstrated that Castillo would defeat a congressional removal motion. The Congress was planning to challenge Castillo for the third time, but his attorneys and advisers, including former prime minister Anibal Torres, assured him that he had an edge over the Congress in surveys (his approval rating had risen to 31 percent, while that of the Congress was just about 10 percent).

For the previous year, Castillo had been under intense pressure from an oligarchy that despised this former teacher. The unexpected announcement that he would “temporarily dissolve the Congress” and “[establish] an exceptional emergency government” was made to the media on December 7. This action decided his future. Castillo and his family hurried in the direction of the Mexican Embassy, but were stopped near Avenida Espaa by the military.

Despite the facts, Castillo buckled under the pressure. His presidential election rival Keiko Fujimori and her allies have been working to obstruct his induction ever since he was chosen in July 2021. She collaborated with guys who are intimately connected to the American government and its intelligence services. Fernando Rospigliosi, a member of Fujimori’s team, tried to get the U.S. Embassy in Lima involved in a 2005 campaign against Ollanta Humala, a candidate for president of Peru in 2006. Pedro Rejas, a former commander in Peru’s army, received messages from Vladimiro Montesinos, a former CIA agent currently serving time in prison in Peru, telling him to travel “to the U.S. Embassy and talk with the embassy intelligence officer,” in an effort to exert some sort of influence. The US appointed a former CIA agent, Lisa Kenna, as its ambassador to Lima just before the election. She met with Peru’s Minister of Defense, Gustavo Bobbio, on December 6 and wrote a condemnatory tweet the next day in response to Castillo’s decision to dissolve Congress (on December 8, the US government, through Ambassador Kenna, acknowledged Peru’s new administration following Castillo’s removal).

Mariano Alvarado, the operations officer of the Military Assistance and Advisory Group (MAAG), who practically operates as the US Defense attaché, looks to have been a crucial figure in the pressure campaign. We are told that officials like Alvarado, who are in constant contact with Peruvian military generals, gave them the go-ahead to confront Castillo. According to reports, Castillo’s final phone call before leaving the presidential mansion came from the US Embassy. He looked feeble because he was probably given a warning to go to the embassy of a friendly power.

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