Here’s Why the Restrict Act Will FAIL & the Deep State Will Soon COLLAPSE — Todd Callender

Here’s Why the Restrict Act Will FAIL & the Deep State Will Soon COLLAPSE — Todd Callender

Here’s Why the Restrict Act Will FAIL & the Deep State Will Soon COLLAPSE — Todd Callender

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The world must all stand together pray in unity and stay strong until The Lord Jesus Returns. We must be united. Thank you.

AWESOME my brother in Christ!!! I never miss an episode and I thank you for all that I’ve learned from you and others that you have had and will continue to have on the show. I’m a former producer/co-host and field researcher. I loved my job…but it was one of the most mentally draining jobs I ever have done as well. I do my best to remember you and your family in our family prayers everyday. And I want to thank you for that first episode with Kirk Elliott. We love working with them and I would’ve likely never known about Kirk if you hadn’t had him on. I’m glad that he still comes on the show often!! You are both doing such a service for us dummies that didn’t know what to do as we watched our retirement shrink and shrink!! So I have nothing but kind things to write as I share episodes with folks I’m trying to reach. And slowly, it seems that I’m getting somewhere with some of my friends and loved ones. Looking forward to the next episode Seth!! Be blessed and you and yours have a wonderful evening.

What a beautiful an inspiring conversation. Thank you so much. This is exactly what I, and many people, need to hear in this moment.

I have enjoyed the many talks I have heard between Todd, Dr. Lee Vliet and the legendary SGT Report. Real news. Important information. Warriors fighting for humanity, all three.
Thank them. Pray for their safety.

Seth you always handle every topic with professionalism and grace. It truly gives viewers a sense of trust and peace. Thank you and God bless.

Praying for children in the womb and their vulnerable mothers, children, youth men and women across our world, J6 hostages Julian Assange and each one needing rescue.

patriot act a spying program to spy on patriots…. Bush phase now makes sense…

National leaders world wide have been told there’s a new sheriff in town and to wisely consider their old and new alliances. The hedonist generation (boomers) did not repent and rear their children in righteousness. The party’s over.

The term “eurodollar” refers to a type of US dollar-denominated deposit held in banks outside of the United States. Eurodollars are not the same as euros, which are the currency used in the European Union. Instead, the term “euro” in eurodollar refers to the fact that these deposits originated in Europe, specifically in the 1950s and 1960s when US dollars were deposited in European banks to avoid US regulations and taxes.
Today, eurodollars are widely used in international finance as a means of conducting transactions outside of the United States, particularly in areas where US dollar liquidity is limited. These deposits are not subject to US banking regulations and are therefore considered to be outside the reach of US regulators.
The eurodollar market is one of the largest and most liquid financial markets in the world, with an estimated $13 trillion in outstanding eurodollar deposits as of 2021. This market plays an important role in global finance, particularly in areas such as international trade, foreign exchange, and corporate finance.

My freezer is full of frozen meat but if the power goes out… I have rice and pasta but that’s only if I were starving.

Forty acres and mule,come on man.theres fifty thousand in my town, or die by the gun.colt didn’t make all men equal?and god,good luck.the border,they must leave,we can’t afford fifty million illiterate,on the state.we cant afford it anymore maybe never could.praise the trash can.

Now, the USA is under the attack of George Soros. Just look at his trading and currency bets. Every major currency failure has been on Soros’s agenda since the late 1980’s. Bank of England in 1992. Thailand, Japan and Asian currency crisis in late 1990’s. Just look at how he always seems to be shorting the currency failures that happened and radically changed the economic system and processes involved. Soros is trying to shoot his biggest trophy, before his life ends. He is going to be 93 later in 2023. He has nothing to gain but the deep impression his work will leave in History. We remember and talk about the bad guys. Stalin, Hitler, Mao, are remembered by history. But ask anyone who Sir Alexander Fleming was. Go ahead and do a search. His achievements were so important and he saved lives then and his discoveries continue to save lives today. If you knew who Sir. Fleming was, then you are truly a rare mind. Soros wants his name and face in historical tales of how the great USA was brought to its knees and forced to fail by the Mad Hungarian George Soros. God help us.

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