Global NATO? Will We See the Formation of the One World Government Before 2030?

Global NATO? Will We See the Formation of the One World Government Before 2030?

Global NATO? Will We See the Formation of the One World Government Before 2030?

By Dave Oneegs Aussie Chat

Will we see the formation of the One World Government before 2030.
Yes or no?

“UK Wants “Global NATO” To Tackle Taiwan Problem

UK Foreign Sec Liz Truss has insisted NATO must expand its remit to boost Indo-Pacific security and “pre-empt threats”, singling out helping Taiwan defend itself.

Her comments come ahead of the alliance’s summit in Madrid this June, where a new strategic concept mission statement will be decided.

She also claimed the conflict in Ukraine is “our war” as Kiev’s victory is a “strategic imperative for all of us”, while urging Western allies to send warplanes to Ukraine – despite PM Boris Johnson’s spox earlier insisting there were “no plans to send things like planes.”

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