Finally!! People Are Saying Enough Is Enough With These Tyrannical Mandates

Finally!! People Are Saying Enough Is Enough With These Tyrannical Mandates

Finally!! People Are Saying Enough Is Enough With These Tyrannical Mandates

By Candace Owens

FINALLY!! People are saying ENOUGH IS ENOUGH with these tyrannical mandates. I am so proud of this brave, Southwest Airlines pilot— and ALL the pilots, flight attendants, nurses, and individuals that are choosing freedom over tyranny. THIS is the America I know. Boycott, protest, DO NOT COMPLY.

Share to support the pilots that are standing up. Now we know who would have complied in 1930’s Germany.

Here’s what others had to say:

Adam Lee Marcus
Wait til all the doctors and nurses they’re firing start telling the whole story about what’s been going on.

Wilma Rittinger
Even vaccinated people can stand up and speak out in support of people to not be forced to do something medical against their will!

Deborah Bussell
This is how we win our country back. We stand for our principles!!

Marni Schartoff Kelly
So amazing!!! Oops I’m sorry I misunderstood. I’m just so happy to see people fighting back against the mandates. Pilots, hospital workers, teachers, and others. Hoping every little bit helps!

Amy D. Yoder
Thank you for being willing to stand up for not only your rights but also ours as well.

Alissa House Reninger
It would be fantastic if these pilots would start their own business/airlines! I know who I’d rather fly with!

Denise Ledford
Have yall seen the videos of protesting the vaccine in many states? Not about skin color, not about political party, it’s about government over reach…ppl are uniting!

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