Entire Gathering Placed Under Protection of Tribal Law at Darwin Protest

Entire Gathering Placed Under Protection of Tribal Law at Darwin Protest

Entire Gathering Placed Under Protection of Tribal Law at Darwin Protest

By CNBS News

Transcript of David Cole’s Speech:

Thank Uncle Jimmy I value your knowledge, guidance and teachings
Thank you Chris Bell for the opportunity to speak and for your tireless work to protect the people ….Imagine if we were in the 8th Century – SPARTAN!!!!
I Acknowledge the country I’m standing on. Larrakia Land, Sovereign Tribal Land
My name is David, my Tribal name is Lurnpa, I stand before you simply as a man and I stand here as a Tribal Lore Man on Sovereign Tribal Lands. I am no part of this fictitious fraudulent and treasonous system.
Acknowledge and thank everyone that’s here today and I acknowledge all the truth speakers and freedom fighters all over the world, in Unity we seek freedom.
I Acknowledge Souvlaki Grill and Chill for standing for our human rights, we all need to stand with you, your fight is our fight.
Why are we here today? We’re tired, sick, and frustrated from the corporate draconian, totalitarian rules being enforced upon the people by armed corporate agents who are nothing but private hired mercenaries.
There is no pandemic; there is only fear mongering to enslave the people and harm the people for the corporate greed of a wealthy few.
There is no killer virus; yes corona virus has been around for a hundred years but it is simply a mild form of the flue. The covid-19 virus is a laboratory made virus developed in the us and released in China. IOt is a bio weapon
This pandemic is a mask for the already collapsed fiat currency system that has imploded. The US corporate government failed to pay their interest rate on their debt as of the 14th Feb 2021. All fiat currencies have a 34 year life cycle, this cycle is at 68 years, its bust.
There is a global corporate hustle as to who will control the new world reserve currency and given China is thriving, they make a good target to attack and blame for crashing the global financial markets, but it is the West and the Greedy Elites who have created this fiasco for us all through their greed and criminal actions.
This Covid 19 is a bio weapon manufactured in a US lab and released in China, which has become the West’s new Boogie Man.
The fake pandemic has been used to usher in the NWO, One World Government and unlawfully erode all our basic human rights.
Malanderri Mckarthy advised me on the first lock down, “I am very concerned about the laws they are passing while we are on lockdown”
Defence Legislation Amendment (Enhancement of Defence Force Response to Emergencies) Bill 2020
Amends the: Defence Act 1903 to: streamline the process for calling out members of the Australian Defence Force (ADF) Reserves, including for the purposes of responding to natural disasters or emergencies; and provide ADF members, other Defence personnel and members of foreign forces with immunity from criminal or civil liability in certain cases while performing duties to support civil emergency and disaster preparedness, recovery and response; Defence Reserve Service (Protection) Act 2001 to ensure that Reserve members who are subject to a Reserve Call Out Order will continue to receive the existing protections.

This is of concern: If you are a civilian, police officer, military domestic or foreign, all must and should be held accountable for any crime, why would a government provide immunity and protection for domestic and foreign soldiers to commit crimes and have immunity? Why? Its so they can enforce their corporate draconian rule through force and use foreign private soldiers to do so, because I do not believe that most local police and military would harm their fellow Australian’s, unfortunately by following their orders with these corporate rules (not law) they are harming us all.

We have no protection or recourse if we get sick or die from these experimental vaccines; Under the PREP Act, companies like Pfizer and Moderna have total immunity from liability if something unintentionally goes wrong with their vaccines. THIS MEANS IF YOU DIE YOU CAN NOT SUE THEM FOR KILLING YOU!

The pharmaceutical industry is the biggest industry that exists and sick people are good business. If you die from pharmaceutical drugs the most you can sue for is 240K if you die from Vaccines – you have no recourse, Vaccines have become a safe haven for the few Elites to create their next wealth production, Fizer predicts a 58 billion profit from these early roll outs, its all about business and humanity is the commodity at the expense of Genocide against the Populations.

The US congress has realised their population is sick on pharmaceutical drugs and have tightened their approval of many drugs, so they are merely shifting their business to vaccines.

The patents for these Vaccines were developed in 2001 for Covid, so someone had a crystal ball and crated a vaccine for a virus that was yet to be released by a bat in China 20 years later, this is a long planned attempt to depopulate while they usher in the NWO One World Government and create a new era in which we are being farmed by these criminal Elites and sold out by these corporate agents impersonating public officers.

I realised many years ago something was wrong with this government, I set out to find answers as to who they are and what I found was this.

Each and every state and Territory is it’s own privately owned corporate Country/Government registered on the stock exchange, registered under UNIDROIT which is a corporation registered within the Vatican.
NT Gov: 84085734992
These are not lawful governments, they are corporations run by corporate agents imposing unlawful laws on the population harming the people and our families while they deprive us of our liberty and freedom and harm us with bio weapons developed to depopulate humanity, this is the greatest crime against humanity in the history of our recorded existence, we must resist.
Why are these corporate laws invalid?
• On the 24th of October 1970, the United Nations passed a resolution 262525 which stipulates the following; To bring about a speedy end to colonialism, having due regard to the freely expressed will of the peoples concerned.
• The Crown formally withdrew from this continent in 1973 to which the Australian Government had an opportunity to do the lawful thing according to the 1900 constitution which states there is only two way you can change laws in this Country.

  1. By Royal Seal of Assent, the Crown must approve the law changes
  2. By referendum of the people.
    The government did neither and this is reflected in the Australian Law Journal which warned the government back then what they were doing was in breach of the constitution and unlawful and that they were steering the ship of course.
    Sir Harry Gibbs, who is a retired High Court Judge and now deceased, sums it up best
    “I therefore have come to the conclusion that the current legal and political system in use in Australia and its States and Territories has no basis in law”.
    No laws have been valid here since 1973, however under Tribal Lore, no west minister laws have been valid here since 1788 and the 1900 constitution section 51/26 states clearly these laws do not apply to Aboriginal people. They knew from the beginning we the Tribes already had our own law system and parliament system in place and still do to this very day. In fact the only law that hold any validity on this continent is Tribal Lore and it is our way to look after and care for everyone who is on our lands. Right now we have 25 million people who have no legitimate government and are being harmed on our lands by a corporate entity, this is wrong and it’s time the Australian and Aboriginal people Unite to lawfully stand down these corporate agents and through the approval of the Tribes we can offer to the Australian People a lawful and honourable Australian government that will serve the people, rather than the people remain slaves to the corporate elite who committing genocide against humanity.

There are cures for the natural occurring Coronavirus which is a mild form of the flu. Coincidently the flu deaths have gone to zero and the Covid deaths are exactly the same as the average flu deaths each year. Coronavirus is seasonal and follows a six to nine month life cycle and then they will fade.
Common Sense Must Prevail
• In North America the average covid death age in 78.6 and the average death in North America is 78.6
• You must wear a mask while ordering food but it will not affect you if you eating and sitting down
• You must social distance in airports but then get on a plane and I counted 16 people within a 1.5 mtr radius of myself
• If you get the Vaccine you can still be a carrier but you must get follow up shots to be sure your protected
• It doesn’t live under UV light (the Sun) it dies in ventilation, the wind blows it away and it is absolute insanity that we are being forced to wear masks inside and out and stay in doors increasing the risk.
• The Carbon Dioxide levels are raised by over 9000 times higher than the recommended human risk
• The swabs actually do not test for Covid and are in fact sterilised with Etholine Oxide which is a high carsonagenic that causes several forms of Cancers and they are swabbing our children with this toxic substance.
• There is no flu and cold season, only vitamin D deficiency season. 2000 Genes in our bodies are controlled by vitamin D, 5 % of our bodies G nome is controlled by vitamin D, it is the master key to our immune system. But they tell us to stay in doors and wear masks. If you are vitamin D deficient you are susceptible to all flu’s and viruses. Normal vitamin D levels reduces the Covid hospitalisation by 90% that’s the world data based on scientific fact.
• If there is a treatment for a disease the federal government cannot approve a vaccine, by law.
• Ivermectin kills Coronavirus 99% of the time, its cheap and has been used for many years but is suddenly outlawed, why cause it offers a solution that does not require Vaccines, which destroys their Vaccine industry and it is safe with no adverse affects. There are many other cures that are being ignored for the sake of a trial vaccine. Those who say Ive had it and I’m fine must keep in mind that most side affects will take several months before they affect you, time will tell.
• There is blood on the hands of those who have denied populations clean cheap cures and many who have dies have dies in vane. This does not include the death rates from people having the vaccine, this is a crime against humanity on a mass scale and we the people are the target.
The list goes on and on and the hypocrisy of this fraud is laughable

The Real Pandemic
Child Abuse
• I have first hand evidence of High level child abuse, rape and murder at the top of the system both in the NT and Nationally, which has all been tabled within state and federal governments and simply sweaped under the carpet and covered up. I have received personal witness statements from people who have been subjected to the sick satanic behavior that takes place within the Freemasons across this Country, thisd is a Global sickness.
• There are currently 29 suppression orders in the Federal Australian Government for High level child abuse rings operating all the way to the top of this government. One suppression order in particular involves 28 prominent Australians, two of which are x prime ministers of Australia and these files have suppressed by the parliament for 89 years, Bill Heffernan has tried in vane to have the suppression orders overturned but they remain suppressed. Such crimes can not be suppressed but they do, cause like any corporation they merely change the rules and make them up as they go to protect themselves from prosecution, we are dealing with criminals people.
• 8 Million children disappear every year around the world with only 17% recovered, that means 6.3 million children vanish and we are concerned about a flu. Only 60% of the Countries record missing children, so that figure would be far greater given the other 40% are not recording the number of children that go missing each year, this is the real Global Pandemic, the Children.
• Now if you think this issue is a foreign issue, your wrong, we have evidence of children being sacrificed under the Hill Song Church in Western Sydney and this evidence was tabled in the NSW parliament on the 17th September 1997 by the Hon. Franca Arena and this evidence was again sweaped under the carpet. And what does this so called Prime Minister of Australia Scott Morrison do, he gives his mate Brian Houston the Founder of Hill Song Church a green card to leave the Country where he has fled to the US and now probably Mexico.
• Last year a close friend and associate of mine reported child abuse in Moree NSW which lead to 135 arrests across several states and resulted in 78 children being rescued who zip tied under basements in SA, this was last year, no mention of that on the News hey?
You know why, cause the media is owned by the same corporate conglomerates who are running this entire fraud. The scare mongering and covering up of such crimes by the media makes them complicit in the injury harm and loss we all face. The child abuse across the planet is the real pandemic and those controlling this corporate government rule our so called public officers through bribery, blackmail and cohersion, and for most of the politicians they simply say nothing or they lose their free ride and good money while we all suffer. Its time we stand down these criminal corporate agents as a people.
• Each and every bureaucrat, politician, police officer and military agent are knowingly or unknowingly committing criminal offences under the constitution and crimes act. Merely the crime of impersonating a public officer carries a three year prison sentence and combined these crimes amount to 29 years imprisonment, not withstanding the injury harm and loss they are causing the people from their illegal actions.

• They are not lawful public officers they are corporate agents
• These are not lawful laws, they operate under statutes which constitutes military rule under the Lieber code.
• These so called laws are nothing more than corporate rules and the entire system including the judicial system are complicit in upholding these crimes against us the people
• The police and military are in fact private mercenary corporate agents, who are supposed to serve and protect the people not serve these corporate criminals. But the NT police association is also it’s own privately registered corporate entity and we are simply business to them, that’s why the government is now trying to fine everyone to generate income for this NT government system because it too is, financially, ethically and morally bankrupt and void of any empathy for the people it is supposed to serve and protect.
Every Corporate Agent impersonating public officers enforcing these draconian laws are not void of liability.
• Under the Nuremburg Trials 1946-1949, Yamashita Standard 1946 and the Roman Statute, signed in 1998 and effective as of 2002, you can not say you were merely following or taking orders and can not plead ignorance, all agents of the Government and all private contractors/agents are personally and vicariously liable for their actions. Every corporate agent knowingly harming us the people just like the German soldiers who are committing genocide against humanity should all be held accountable for your crimes.

Where are the honourable police and military who have signed up to serve and protect the people, you work for us not for a corporation, you swear your oath to people, well its time you stand up and uphold the rule of law, cause based on legal facts none of this is legal and it is your responsibility to act, stand up! Your failure to act makes you all complicit.
We need assertive action – We need lawful rebellion – We need to Unite as Humanity against this attempted Genocide and when we the people realise that the Power rests with the People and we Unite, we can free the people from these tyrannical laws.
We can not March here today and rest tomorrow, we need assertive action to hold these corporate agents to account, we need to meet regularly as a people and plan and strategize what actions we can and must take.
We need good legal advice and guidance on the process of lawful citizens arrest under lawful rebellion, we need to act, our freedom and liberty is at stake, but worst of all so are our lives and those of our families and fellow human beings, we must stand in Unity, it is the key.
The Sovereign Tribal people of these lands call on all Australian’s to stand with us in Unity, as a member of the Original Sovereign Tribal Federation we extend our hands to all people residing on this continent to stand with us and together we can erode this sickness governing our lives and build a healthy future for all Australian people in partnership with the true Sovereigns of these lands and through the only lore that holds any validity on this continent, we urge the protective services to stand with the people, not with these corporate agents harming us all.
A Barrister once told me, if you witness a crime you must report it, you must do something about it, well this is a crime that we must all expose and stand together united as one and seek justice for all and ensure we do all we can to afford the people of Australia and the world their right to freedom, liberty and our basic human rights, anything less is giving in on our current and future generations.
I leave you with this.
The power is not in the corporate agents harming us all, the power is the people and when we stand united for the freedom of us all, only then can we overcome this tyranny and fraud that threatens our very existence.

Here’s what others had to say:

Bruce Touzel
I thank both the police and the protestesters for being reasonable The police for not arresting ,beating, firing rubber bullets and spraying pepper spray over the public. The demonstrators for standing their ground but keeping calm and not resorting to violence or abuse. Now all we want is the politicians and bureaucrats to listen.

Awesome to see this man stand up to them!

Wonderful brother from a Wongi woman. Thanks I’m an elder of my peoples, the Wongi/Mirrning peoples.
Please keep me in the loop.

Christopher Porteous
Thank you, so inspiring. We are many and we will create the world we want. This is a given.

Janie smith
Thank you
I listened to your speech yesterday. It was fantastic clear and inspiring. I have shared your message with my friends
I would like to stay informed and support

Julie Sinclait
So proud of our real Australian who fight for us all.

Thank you, this is the best speech I have heard since the beginning of this lie. Power to the people when we stand together. This is the TRUTH! love and respect.

This was the most brilliant video. So much truth. David you are amazing and your speech was so empowering. To the beautiful young lady that spoke at the end, you made me cry like a baby, tears of sadness and joy all at once. Thank you for making a stand, I am in Melbourne and we are standing up, but just not as gracefully as you are in the Northern Territory.
Bless you all sovereign brothers and sisters.

Bee Winfield
Sovereign Beings, thank you so much. These true leaders have spoken the final words on KO Vid. Now let us stand up, black and white together, on August 31st at 9 am. Meet in droves at council offices, State Parliaments, anywhere the treasonous scum in their suits spend their days. We will take our planet back, we will care for Earth and people and nurse back to health all who have been harmed by the corporations.

Original Source: https://www.cnbsnews.live/state-of-affairs/entire-gathering-placed-under-protection-of-tribal-law-at-darwin-protest/

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