Dems Want To Expand 29 USC 666 for Eeoc to Police & Fine Businesses $700,000 per Organic Employee

Dems Want To Expand 29 USC 666 for Eeoc to Police & Fine Businesses $700,000 per Organic Employee

Dems Want To Expand 29 USC 666 for Eeoc to Police & Fine Businesses $700,000 per Organic Employee

By USA Tomorrow

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This piece of shit needs impeached as soon as possible along with all his crooked ass buddies! What a disgrace he is to this country.I don’t know about y’all but if they come to my house with a shot they’re going to get a shot because I’m a shoot their damn knee caps right off!!In case you haven’t noticed we are being ruled and controlled by demons!

Praise Jesus Christ King of Kings Lord of Lords Our Only Salvation

I’m all for the segregation from the stupid & evil…

Will somebody, (Police, US Marshall, Sherriff etc) in the DC area please go on a shooting rampage and massacre every last one of these evil bastards. Start with Biden Fauci NY Governor and go from there. We MUST see blood spilling in the streets before they murder us all via genocide.

If all it takes to strike fear into your heart, is a numberܘܘܘ

It’s not a coincidence is the equal opportunity law. It has to be Orwellian doublespeak for it to work. Trans women are women. War is peace. Defeat is Victory (Afghanistan). Treason is Patriotism (Milley). Herd immunity is not herd immunity. Experimental is safe and effective.
Democrats and wacko liberals are smart.
Biden is eloquent and in charge.
Hunter is not a pedophile no matter how many laptops they find with child porn and government secrets.

700,000 dollars? Might as well make it 10 million dollars. Nobody’s gonna ever pay that fine.

Without The People’s consent, governments have NO POWER, NO MONEY. So what are we doing?

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