CNN Abruptly Ends Interview After Migrant Makes Damning Admission About Title 42

CNN Abruptly Ends Interview After Migrant Makes Damning Admission About Title 42

CNN Abruptly Ends Interview After Migrant Makes Damning Admission About Title 42

By Sarah Arnold

CNN suddenly ended an interview after a migrant said he illegally crossed the border because of the recent expiration of Title 42.

As a CNN reporter strolled the streets near the U.S.-Mexico border, he stopped to ask a migrant, “Were you aware of Title 42 and that they were going to open the border like before the pandemic?”

In response, the migrant said “yes,” telling the reporter that he heard the southern border would be wide open following the Biden Administration’s decision to lift the Trump-era policy and decided to make the trip.

The CNN reporter then abruptly thanked the man and quickly ended the interview.

The end of Title 42 has brought chaos and mayhem to the border, majorly threatening the U.S. over safety concerns as illegal migrants storm the border.

Border patrol agents say they expect the border to see a historic surge in immigration, with nearly 400,000 migrants trying to enter the country every month.

President Joe Biden ended the Title 42 public health policy used for more than three years at the U.S.-Mexico border to remove roughly three million illegal aliens and send them back to their native countries.

As a result, the Department of Homeland Security expanded its Catch and Release program that releases illegal border crossers into the U.S. with Notices to Appear (NTAs) in federal immigration court. Unfortunately, however, many of those court dates have dates years away.

With Biden’s decision to end Title 42, he faced some of the worst polling of his presidency.

As he begins to make his case for his re-election campaign, a YouGov survey found that only 17 percent say they want to see the president in office for another four years, with nearly 60 percent saying he was not a strong candidate.

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