Christians Are Being FORCED to Fight in Zelensky’s War

Christians Are Being FORCED to Fight in Zelensky’s War

Christians Are Being FORCED to Fight in Zelensky’s War


Ukrainian Christians, who are under persecution by the Zelensky regime, are being forced to fight and die in his NATO-backed war.

Zelensky’s goons are kidnapping Christians and shipping them to the frontline of the ongoing war against Russia, where they are being forced to kill other Christians or face their own death on behalf of a NATO-backed regime that’s openly hostile towards the Christian faith, having banned the Ukrainian Orthodox Church while arresting its Priesthood.

Nationally-syndicated TV news host Stew Peters blew the Zelensky government’s genocide of Ukrainian Christians out of the water in a segment that exposed the situation in Ukraine for what it is; an organized effort by the Zelensky regime and its NATO overlords to read Ukraine into the anti-Christian, anti-family “world order”, no matter the cost.

“This has always been an attack on Ukrainians by the deep state and Zelensky’s government,” Peters said. “One of the greatest tragedies of this war is what’s happening to the ordinary Ukrainian people because of a war that they didn’t choose, which is being perpetuated by parasites in Washington who don’t have to bear any of the costs.”

“Many of these ordinary Ukrainians are Christians. They’re husbands and they’re fathers and are fed into meat grinders to be blown to smithereens by Lockheed artillery because it makes people like Dan Crenshaw feel tough,” Peters went on, before playing a video for his audience of a tragic, first-hand account from a pair of Ukrainian soldiers, one of whom has spent a year in the military, and has become disillusioned with the fake cause he was sold.

The other Ukrainian is a father of 5 and the son of a sick, elderly parent who he’s responsible for supporting. He explains in the video that he was pulled over by the military and police while riding his bicycle to work in the early morning hours. Instead of writing him a ticket, the police pulled the man off of his bike, tossed him into a vehicle, and conscripted him into the Ukrainian military. Then, they drove to the Bakhmut lines with zero training. There, newly-arrived Ukrainians have, on average, a 4-hour life expectancy.

“I want to tell you, dear Ukrainians, that even 1% of the truth of what is happening here is not being told to you,” the more experienced soldier told the camera. “You are told and shown what they need to show and was is beneficial to them. And the reality is not at all like that, quite different.”

“This war is a big geopolitical game of the powers that be, where Ukraine and Ukrainians are just a bargaining chip,” the soldier said.

Watch the full Stew Peters Show segment below:


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